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Eagle Bend man missing after snowmobile goes through thin ice

An Eagle Bend man is missing and presumed drowned after his snowmobile went through thin ice early Sunday night on the Ontario side of Lake of the Woods.

According to a news release from the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Kenora, Ont., Fred Bisel, 68, and another man were traveling in the area of Goose Neck Narrows, about eight miles north of Morson, Ont., when one of the machines went through an area of thin ice.

Goose Neck Narrows also is about 10 miles east of Lighthouse Gap near the mouth of the Rainy River.

The second man was unable to get to Bisel from the water before losing sight of him, the OPP said. Because of poor conditions and strong current in the area, an immediate search was not possible.

The OPP's Underwater Search and Rescue Team was en route to Kenora from southern Ontario on Monday and is expected to begin searching for Bisel later this week.