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21-year-old charged for menacing behavior

A 21-year-old man at a residential treatment facility was charged in Wadena County District Court with stalking a staff member.

On March 6, staff reported Thomas Snook had become upset and was acting in a menacing way toward staff and another resident. They asked Snook to write down his feelings on a form, and he said he was "angry, upset, confused, overwhelmed, furious, irritated, horny and sucisidal [sic]," according to court records.

Snook told an investigator he was upset with a staff member and "felt like calling him the 'n' word," court records said.

Snook was charged March 11 with harassment and stalking crime, a felony. Bond was set at $25,000 if Snook agreed to court conditions, or $2,500 cash.

Snook was convicted of third-degree criminal sexual conduct in August 2008, and is pending on two charges of assault, including two other residents at his living facility.

Because of the latest incident, Snook's corrections agent recommended he no longer allowed to reside at the residential treatment facility.

Snook's next court appearance is an omnibus hearing set for March 30