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County won't spring for sandbags

The Wadena County emergency manager said it's unlikely the county, state or federal government will pay for sandbagging in the county this year if flooding makes it necessary.

"With the spring flooding that occurred in parts of Wadena County in 2009, many lessons were learned," Scott McKellep said in an press release. "Wadena County maintains a supply of sandbags on hand to protect the infrastructure of the county. The spring flooding of 2009 was greater than normal, and many private homes, and cabins were in danger of flooding out. Because of the need quickly for help, the county had made the decision to provide those sandbags to private citizens, and provide sand as well."

This year, spring of 2010 is showing a good possibility of above normal flooding again, McKellep said. If the same thing were to occur, Wadena County would not get reimbursed for any sandbags, or sand given to private citizens. Therefore, with this advance notice, it must be the responsibility of private citizens to obtain sandbags, and sand for their own use, at their own expense.

A list of sandbag supply companies and sand suppliers can be obtained from Wadena County Emergency Management at (218) 631-7795, or e-mail