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Chris Joseph Dailey, 26, Wadena, Fish and game -- failure to tag lynx, bobcat, fisher, otter at site, fees $190.

David Arnold Severson, 41, Littlefork, Minn., Terroristic threats and fifth-degree assault, 90 days jail (concurrent with three other counts), five years probation, fees $4,165 with $950 stayed for one year, community service. Charge of theft -- take/drive motor vehicle with no owner consent was dismissed at sentencing.

Mary Alice Stiles, 44, Verndale, Wrongfully obtaining assistance, five years probation, fees $190, restitution $3,782.45, community service.

Justin Michael Matthiesen, 19, Wadena, Liquor consumption by persons under 21, 30 days jail stayed for one year, one year probation, community service, fees $690.

Starla Marie Mousseau, 28, Hewitt, Check forgery -- make or alter a check, 365 days jail stayed for two years, two years probation, fees $3,590 with $2,500 stayed for two years. Charge of check forgery -- offer/possess with intent to defraud was dismissed at sentencing.

Joshua Michael Keith, 31, Menahga, Dog at large, fees $190.

Daniel Curtis Green, 56, Menahga, Deer hunting -- may not hunt with aid or use of bait, fees $150.

Elizabeth Ann Flanagan, 21, Wadena, Defecate on private property, 10 days jail stayed for one year, one year probation, fees $290.

Nichole R. Hamann, 21, New York Mills, Theft of leased or rented personal property, fees $265.