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March 1

• Wadena police investigated a report of a harassment restraining order violation at a high school function. The suspect's apartment was dark, so the police went to a female acquaintances's house. As one officer knocked on the door, another shined a flashlight into the living room window and saw the suspect. When the light hit him, the suspect ran and hid in the house. The officers continued to knock with no response, but again saw the man crawling on the floor of the living room. After 30 minutes of this, the officers left. They tried back an hour later and two hours later but got no response at the door. The man was arrested three days later when an officer spotted him walking.

March 3

• A man called the sheriff's office for assistance in freeing a deer that tried to jump two fences but got stuck.

• A woman went into her hotel room, which is where she lives, and a man was in her room. She didn't know who the man was. A deputy responded and nothing seemed out of place.

March 5

• A woman reported receiving a text message with a photo attached from a number she did not know. The photo was of a speedometer showing more than 100 miles per hour, and the text read, "I can't believe I am still alive." Shortly thereafter, the person who sent the text placed a voice call to the woman, then realized he had texted the wrong person. Police tried to contact the man who sent the text, but couldn't reach him.

March 6

• A woman called to report a man in a Wadena trailer court wasn't wanted there. She told police she had been in a sexual relationship with the man, but they were no longer together, and he was visiting other people two trailers down. She said she saw the man "inappropriately touching" other women the night before, and she wanted the officer to go down there with her and tell him he can't be in the trailer court. The officer said the man can come and go if he's invited by other people, but the officer did talk to the man and told him to make sure he keeps his "behavior in check."

• Wadena County deputies assisted Staples PD with an intoxicated man pounding on a door. When the man lifted his shirt, he had a puncture wound on his side. He was taken to the hospital. He said at the hospital that he fell down and hurt his side.

March 7

• A Todd County woman called the Wadena Police Department to explain that she was living with her ex-husband again after 15 years of marriage and a divorce, but now he wanted her to leave because he was marrying someone else, a fact she learned via text message from him. She said her ex-husband left her a hand-written note on Feb. 27 addressed to "To Whom It May Concern" informing her she had until that day (March 7) to move out. She told police she and her children, ranging in age from 9 to 18, had nowhere to go. She wanted help moving to Wadena so she could be classified as a Wadena County resident and she could obtain financial assistance. She was directed to contact Todd County Social Services.

• A woman called authorities to report her aunt had kicked her in the stomach.

March 8

• An officer responded to a noise complaint about a group of people in a parking lot who were being very loud. When the officer told the crowd that they needed to keep it down, one of the men responded that they didn't, because he was a resident of the complex. The officer reiterated that yes, they still need to keep the noise at a reasonable level, which is not overridden by residency. The man muttered something very quietly as he walked away.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.