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Relationships are the foundation of life

Life, true life, comes from the foundation of a growing relationship with another.

Relationships are built on communication. Relationships take time. Relationships take at least two willing individuals. They are the source of great joy and real living. We were created with a need for relationships in order to be fulfilled.

We were created in the image of God. God desires a loving relationship with us so much that He gave His most valued possession, His only Son, that we may have fellowship with Him. He wants this relationship to grow to the point that we are not merely servants, but His friends. Friends tell each other their secrets, dreams, hurts, plans, loves, etc. But also, they listen to the other's inner most desires, hopes and plans. Then, they work together to help each accomplish their dreams. Their fulfillment comes in giving themselves to the other. That's what love is, that's what a growing relationship does, that's what brings true fulfillment.

There are many unhappy people out there. Day by day they merely go through the motions of existence. There is a real emptiness in their lives. Most times, there are only two reasons for this misery. Number one, they have not given themselves to a growing relationship with God in Christ, the Author of Life. And Number two, they have not given themselves to and for someone else. I will briefly only talk about reason number one.

Relationships only come through conscious and consistent effort. If I am going to have a growing relationship with my wife or my kids, I must make time for it. There will always be seemingly urgent things crying for my attention, but if I haven't developed a loving, growing relationship with my family, I have forsaken the most important things for usually mundane and sometimes selfish things. The reward for that will be very hollow and empty. But worse than that would be if I have allowed the busyness and responsibilities of life to rob me of my relationship with God.

Relationships are built on knowledge. Knowledge comes in spending quality time with an individual. I truly believe that the saying, "To know Him is to love Him," can aptly apply to Jesus. The more we know Him, the more we will love Him, because He is altogether lovely. This knowledge comes from being in His Presence. I am not necessarily talking about being in church. We can have the Presence of God with us on an individual basis everyday of our lives. But, just to have the Presence of God with us doesn't mean that we really know Him. That comes by communication. It comes by sharing our heart with Him and hearing His heart shared with us. Reading the Bible daily with a "listening ear" as to what He wants us to hear is important. Following that up with expressing our own heart to Him will bring a closeness that is truly life giving.

Do you want a fulfilling life? Develop a living, loving relationship with the Giver of Life. Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly." It's true. It's in a relationship with Him. Let's take time to develop that for which we were created for, a relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.