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Herbicide was tested at Eglin AFB

Public Contact personnel may receive inquiries concerning exposure to herbicide(s) at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. during November to December 1952, March to April 1953, March 1962 to January 1971 and April 1972 to March 1979.

The Department of Defense reports early herbicide testing was conducted at Eglin Air Force Base during November to December 1952 and March to April 1953. During the period March 1962 to January 1971, military and civilian personnel at Eglin developed and tested various aerial spray systems for dispersing herbicides in an area designated "C-52A." From April 1972 to March 1979, Herbicide Orange waste disposal studies were conducted in area C-52A. Eglin Air Force Base is reported to encompass 1200 square miles of land. Area C-52A is reported to cover approximately 5 square miles with most testing done in a 2 square mile area.

Service connection for disabilities related to exposure to herbicides at Eglin AFB may be established on a facts found basis if evidence shows the veteran served at Eglin AFB during the above-listed periods and participated in the Eglin herbicide program(s). Some examples of the type of evidence required to substantiate a claim for service connection of a disability related to exposure to herbicides at Eglin AFB during the applicable time periods are: Documents verifying travel within the C-52A test site during the testing period, documents verifying a veteran's performance in a military occupational specialty involved in the management and/or testing of herbicides, a military performance evaluation indicating contact with herbicide(s) or buddy statements concerning exposure to herbicide(s) provided by credible individuals who served with the veteran.

Service connection of disabilities due to exposure to herbicide(s) at Eglin AFB during periods November-December 1952, March-April 1953, March 1962-January 1971 or April 1972-March 1979, will be established on a direct basis, if the evidence shows the veteran is entitled.

Veterans who served at Eglin AFB during the designated time periods are not presumed to have been exposed to an herbicide agent based on assignment to the base alone. Verifiable evidence of exposure to herbicide(s) must be provided or obtained in order to substantiate a claim for service connection of a disability related to exposure herbicide exposure at Eglin AFB.

If a veteran expresses a desire to apply for service connection for a disability related to herbicide exposure at Eglin AFB and has never filed for compensation/pension, send VA Form 21-526, Veteran's Application for Compensation and/or Pension, or explain how he/she can file online. Be sure to complete a VA Form 119 for the informal claim.

If a veteran has previously submitted a VA Form 21-526 and conveys the intent to file a claim for service connection for a new condition, document the request on a VA Form 119.

Please see your local county veterans service officer if you have any questions. You can contact your local VSO at (218) 631-7617 or by e-mail at As always, have a great week.