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Bemidji author to visit Wadena Library

Author Kent Nerburn will visit the Wadena City Library at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

Bemidji author Kent Nerburn's latest book, "The Wolf at Twilight An Indian Elder's Journey Through a Land of Ghosts and Shadows," continues the story that began in "Neither Wolf Nor Dog."

In the new title, Nerburn finds himself back on the Lakota reservation where he traveled more than a decade before with tribal elder Dan. His book "Neither Wolf Nor Dog," published in 1994, was based on that original trip, and won a Minnesota Book of the Year Award in 1995. "The Wolf at Twilight" is a fictionalized account of an actual subsequent journey and reveals more of Dan's life that had not been told in "Neither Wolf Nor Dog."

Now almost 90, Dan wants Nerburn's help in finding his little sister, Yellow Bird, who disappeared from a reservation boarding school almost 80 years before. As Yellow Bird's story unfolds, Dan bares his heart on subjects ranging from the education of children, to Indians' notion of time, to the spiritual presence of the land. At once a mystery, a glimpse into history, and a spiritual journey, the Wolf at Twilight brings the land of the northern high plains alive and reveals the Native American way of teaching and learning that few outsiders ever experience.

Nerburn is the author of twelve books on spirituality and native themes, including "Simple Truths," "Small Graces," "Letters to My Son," and "Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce."

Nerburn's author visits are part of the Kitchigami Reads/Kitchigami Writes project, made possible with funding from the State of Minnesota Legacy Fund.