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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 3, 2005 Pioneer Journal

• Justice center possible

The owner of a $100,000 home could pay an extra $151 in property taxes each year if Wadena County moves forward with building a justice center.

• Alleys to be art galleries

A local group hopes to turn downtown alleys into galleries. The Alley Arts Institute was formed to create a Wadena community arts project called Pieces of History. Artwork representing 1,000 years of Minnesota's history will be created on the backs of businesses in three downtown blocks.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 3, 2000 Pioneer Journal

• Oversight to cost county $52,000

Failure to advertise a notice for Truth-in-Taxation is going to cost Wadena County about $52,000, according to County Commissioner Lyle Freer.

• Third annual comedy night a success

More than 160 people enjoyed a night of funny stories, jokes and even a little magic at the Wadena Area Madhatters third annual Comedy Night and Talent Show Jan. 28 at the Wadena Elks Lodge. First prize went to Pete Phillips. Margo Hoemberg of Staples won second. A Kalispell, Mont. man, Gabe Lorentz, took home third place.

• WDC purchases piano

The Wadena-Deer Creek School Board accepted a charitable contribution at its January meeting, and with it purchased a Steinway D concert grand piano for the music department.

After reviewing an extensive study completed by the designated committee, the school board approved the use of Louise Hulting's donation of $26,065 for the purchase of the Steinway D 373,304 9-foot concert grand piano from the Schmidt Music Company for $56,065.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 5, 1985 Pioneer Journal

• School board, council discuss related issues

The Wadena city council and school board met in a special session Wednesday afternoon to discuss a number of issues pertinent to both groups. At the meeting's conclusion both board and council felt the two-hour discussion was "very productive." Seating at Memorial Auditorium needs attention, as the upholstery and general construction of many of the seats are beginning to show signs of wear. Because the auditorium is utilized for both school and community-related activities, discussion has focused on a combined school-city effort to repair the seats.

• 'Silhouettes of Time' for sale

An advertisement for "Silhouettes of Time," a 100-page history of Wadena County focusing on Shell City and Nimrod by John M. Crandall, included an order form for people to purchase the book for $4.95.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 5, 1970 Pioneer Journal

• N.P. branch line may become victim of time

H.E. Boen reminisced about the railroad and pondered its future: A busy branch of the N.P. railroad system serving this general area -- Staples to Oakes N.D. -- has become a victim of the trend in times. ... Progress came to make serious inroads on brand line business for the N.P. as good roads and automobiles deprived the railroad of much of its passenger patronage and passenger service was discontinued. ... The time is coming when even the freight service will be discontinued and the old branch line will pass into limbo. The tracks will be torn up and the highway department will acquire the old road bed, truck service will take over. All this may be far future but considering the radical changes in the past, the end of the branch seems inevitable.

• Nervig elected to Wesley Hospital Board of Directors

Luther Nervig, Wadena, was named to the Wesley Hospital Board of Directors at its annual meeting Jan. 28.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 9, 1950 Pioneer Journal

• Menahga area votes no reorganization

Wadena County's first election on the proposed reorganization of school lost Tuesday in the Menahga area when citizens of 23 affected districts went to the polls. In district 33, which comprises Menahga village, the vote was in favor of reorganization, 162 to 24, but in the 22 other rural districts, the plan lost by a vote of 119 for and 502 against.

• Driver ditches car to avoid hitting children

Blue Grass -- Clem Kern, while driving near the Floyd Johnson and Florin Hendershot farms Saturday morning, took to the ditch and his car overturned, in avoiding some children who were coasting on the road. Mr. Kern was unable to stop his car, so took to the ditch. Fortunately, no one was injured, and damage to the car was slight.

• 'Our Town With the Editor' on smoking

"Our Town with the Editor" said: One of our spies reports that the latest converts to the ranks of non-smokers are Jack Beaty and Clayton Carver. And just after we heard this bit of news to build up our anti-smoke campaign, we ran across this in the current issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine:

"From a nicotine absorption standpoint, your great-grandmother who used snuff was taking a bigger dose of the drug than you do when you smoke cigarettes." According to the article, cigarettes communicate less nicotine than cigars or pipes.