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Jan. 11

• A caller reported an intoxicated man known to her had burst into her residence, argued with her, struck her on the side of the face, spit on her floor, and left. The man was located by police, and said he had gone to her house and spit on her floor, but denied hitting her. The man was charged with disorderly conduct.

• A Wadena bar and restaurant reported a male caller had phoned several times through the evening, and kept asking how the waitresses' night was going, and whether he could come and see them the following day. The wait staff asked the man to stop calling because they were busy, but he continued to call. An officer spoke to the man, who he believed to be intoxicated. The man said the wait staff "needed to settle down," that the calls were no big deal. The man was informed he was not to call anymore or he'd be charged with harassment, and that he wasn't welcome at the establishment anymore.

Jan. 13

• The sheriff's office investigated alleged physical abuse on a juvenile female.

Jan. 14

• A two-vehicle accident was reported in the parking lot of a Wadena business. A woman reported she was backing out of a parking spot when she saw another person backing out of a parking spot behind her, and that person was talking on a cell phone. The woman said she tried to get the other driver's attention by honking her horn, but didn't, and the two collided. Damage was minor and there were no injuries.

• A caller reported receiving a harassing phone call from the husband of a co-worker who was reprimanded at work. The caller was not the one who did the reprimanding, but the husband threatened her anyway, saying he knew where she lived.

Jan. 15

• A male caller dialed 911 but couldn't articulate why he had called the emergency service. Dispatch sent a deputy and informed him the call may be related to a theft. When the deputy arrived, the man, who was hard to understand, told the deputy his garage had been vandalized. The deputy found no evidence of this. The man's wife told the deputy the man had been having problems with hallucinations, and would be going to the VA to get treatment. The man told the officer there was a small dog pooping on his floor, but the deputy saw no dog. The deputy assisted the woman in trying to get the man's VA appointment moved up so he could get helped earlier.

• The sheriff's office assisted in Verndale after a call that the fans at a game were "getting a bit wild."

Jan. 16

• A complainant reported a relative had been texting her all day, and she had already called her sister's local police department to report the harassment, but it hadn't stopped. An officer told the complainant he would contact her sister and tell her to stop. When the sister was contacted by phone, she was "very rude and uncooperative" with the officer, he reported.

Jan. 17

• A man called the sheriff's office to report his dog had been shot sometime in the afternoon. The dog had an entry wound and an exit wound. The man said he had a different dog that had been shot before, too, and he suspected a neighbor. But the man said he didn't want to confront the neighbor, because the relationship was already bad, and he didn't want to make it worse.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.