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Ladd will add board meeting consultations to her workload

Wadena County Attorney Kyra Ladd will sit in on county board meetings when she is available to serve as a resource for commissioners during discussions that pertain to legal issues.

Chairman Bill Stearns asked Ladd how the board's first Tuesday and third Thursday monthly meetings fit into her court schedule.

Tuesday is a heavy court day for her due to the scheduling of the judges' time in the seventh judicial district, Ladd said. Thursday is very doable unless she's involved with a jury trial. Trials in Wadena County take place Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, she said.

Ladd stopped into the board meeting Tuesday during a break from her 9 a.m. cases.

A lot of county attorneys do not carry caseloads, she said. They have assistants who carry caseloads and they do administrative work. She does not have the staff to support that so she is in court and carries a caseload, she said.

Commissioners mentioned that some neighboring counties have their first meeting of the month on days other than Tuesday.

Monday is not a heavy calendar day for her, Ladd said, but she is not asking the board to change the day they meet.

Commissioner Rodney Bounds requested the discussion be on the agenda.

"I think you would be such an asset here," Bounds said. "There's always times that we're in limbo."