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County increases 4-H coordinator's position

The Wadena County Board voted to increase the half-time 4-H coordinator position to a 75 percent position during its first meeting of the year last Tuesday.

The cost for the position will increase from $32,450 to $48,675 per year for the county. Kris Huebsch holds the position.

The board did not discuss the change at the Jan. 4 meeting, but the subject did come up at its Dec. 29 meeting when Commissioner Ralph Miller expressed his support for increasing the 4-H coordinator's position.

Commissioner Lane Waldahl said that he tries to get kids he is involved with as a guardian ad litem into 4-H and other youth organizations.

"It's something they need and it's something that does help," he said. "I think it's been proven."

Miller made a motion to increase the position at the Dec. 29 meeting, but the board said it would have to wait to approve the contract with the University of Minnesota Extension when it was presented at the beginning of the year.