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County elected officials requested their own 2010 salaries frozen

Wadena County elected officials Sheriff Mike Carr, County Attorney Kyra Ladd, Recorder Soledad Henriksen and Auditor/ Treasurer Char West all requested no raise in their salaries for 2010.

The Wadena County Board voted to keep Carr's salary at $77,507.50, Ladd's at $83,821.62, West's at $59,301.63, and Henriksen's at $44,090.59.

Heriksen said she also had a question for the board.

"I don't know where we stand right now for negotiations, if employees are going to be receiving their $500 or not," she said. "And if that is the case, would that also pertain to department heads like elected officials?"

Chairman Bill Stearns said since Henriksen is not a union employee the negotiations don't apply to her.

Henriksen said that in the past what the union received, everybody else also received.

Commissioner Lane Waldahl said that is how it has been, but he thinks what Stearns said is right, too.

West said the elected officials' salaries need to be set that day.

Ladd said that if the board is contemplating a $500 payment that some would get as just a lump sum that doesn't necessarily affect what the salary being set is.

"Because it's not being added onto the annual salary but is being paid in this lump sum," she said.

Waldahl pointed out that the county is still in negotiations with employees.

West said the 49ers union has approved an agreement and it reflects a $500 lump sum.

Commissioner Dave Schermerhorn said the 49ers also officially declined the $500 payment.

In reference to Henriksen's original question, Waldahl said he personally thinks whatever happens should go to elected officials, too.