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Dylan Schulke is first baby of decade at TCH

Dallas Schulke and Jessica Wanous, of Menahga, are the proud parents of the first baby born at Tri-County Hospital in 2010. They welcomed son Dylan Schulke into the world early in the morning on Jan. 4.

The first baby of the new decade born at Tri-County Hospital in Wadena is a big boy named Dylan Schulke.

Proud parents Jessica Wanous, 18, and Dallas Schulke, 22, of Menahga, welcomed their first son into the world at 2:56 a.m. Monday.

Schulke had a rush of excitement when his son was born, he said.

"He was huge," he said about Dylan, who was born at 9 pounds, 5 ounces and 21 inches long.

The first thing Wanous noticed about Dylan when she first saw him were his blue eyes, she said. She was surprised he had his eyes open and was looking around. Dylan has his father's eyes, ears and lips, Wanous said.

"He's got my nose," she said.

Wanous is very excited to be a mother, she said. She wants to teach her son how to milk cows like she did when she was growing up.

"He was so beautiful," Wanous said. "I was so happy to see him."

Dylan and his family received a $50 savings bond donated by WAVe and a gift basket worth more than $200 from Tri-County Hospital.