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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 2, 2004 Pioneer Journal

• Officials want new justice center

Building a new justice center near the old airport topped a list of options at a meeting to discuss solutions to courthouse and law enforcement space shortages. About 25 county and city officials attended the meeting with a majority seeing benefits in building a new justice center instead of remodeling the courthouse.

• WDC study to tackle best use of buildings

Wadena-Deer Creek Schools and Freshwater Education District will begin studies that could mean moving elementary grades between Deer Creek and Wadena schools. The WDC school board approved a feasibility study to look at the best use of the district's buildings, considering factors including lower enrollments in the next few years.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 2, 1999 Pioneer Journal

• Y2K ready

"Personally, I'm not worried that anything is going to happen," Wadena Police Chief and Emergency Services Director Lane Waldahl told a group of Wadena residents at a Y2K preparedness meeting Monday night. Waldahl offered tips that he said are good for any disaster preparedness be it tornado or a winter storm.

• A sign of change

After 32 years as Larry's Foods, owners Gordon and David Fix officially changed the store's name to Fix's Family Foods on Monday with the installation of its new sign. Gordon and David purchased the store from their father, Larry, two years ago.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 6, 1984 Pioneer Journal

• Nancy Roth of Staples named 1985 Minnesota Young Farm Wife

Nancy Roth of rural Staples was named 1985 Minnesota Young Farm Wife and will represent Minnesota at the 1985 American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. Judging is based on farm involvement, personality and knowledge of Farm Bureau issues. Roth said that some southern states still include a beauty contest, but she was glad they don't do that here.

Roth does the bookkeeping on the farm.

• Pearson dresses as jailbird for Halloween

Shady Lane columnist Ethelyn Pearson wrote about Halloween at the nursing home:

I came dressed as a jailbird in horizontal stripes. As I went from room to room, my story was that I had escaped prison and the sheriff was on my trail. I needed help to get over the Canadian border. Here are a few of the replies: "You shoulda been in the pokey a long time ago."

"I'll tell 'em you just left."

"Hell, girl, wouldn't do you no good for me to help you over the border. They're looking for me too!"

There were many offers to hide in closets or under beds.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 4, 1969 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena stores burglarized

Peterson Biddick Company office was burglarized Saturday night and Skalman's Music Company was burglarized late Thursday or early Friday morning, according to the village police department. Burlgars gained entry to the Skalman company by breaking the plate glass window in the back door making off with $600 to $700 in merchandise. Burlgars entered Peterson Biddick by breaking glass windows near the loading ramp. They made off with $15 to $20 in change from the cash register.

Wadena's Singer Shop on South Jefferson was burglarized late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning it was reported by owner B.F. Neurerberg. Losses will be published in the PJ.

• How 1970 draft will work

As a result of Monday's drawing the first men to be called for the Selective Service Inductions effective in January will be those born on Sept. 14; next come those born on April 24, Dec. 30 and so on. All persons born on the same date will be drafted according to the rank of the first letter of their last name. For example, those men born on Sept. 14 whose last name begins with "J" will be drafted first; next, those whose names begin with "G," and so on. When available manpower is exhausted, men born on the next date will be called.

The PJ published a complete list of the lottery's results.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 8, 1949 Pioneer Journal

• Uptown Cafe to open soon

Joe Peavey and Fred Hein, who are establishing a cafe in the former Consumers Gas Company offices, announced their new place of business will be known as the Uptown Cafe. Booths and stools in the front of the cafe will accommodate 60 people, while the dining room at the rear will have an equal seating capacity.

• 90 enjoy annual party; also Harry's singing

Employees of the Harry Merickel Lumber Mills got quite a surprise at their annual Christmas party Monday evening when, as an unrehearsed part of the program, Harry himself gave a very soulful rendition of "School Days," accompanied at the piano by Carl Holt. His rich baritone voice, which has been heard shouting "timburrrr" through the vicinity for many years, had never before been publicly raised in song.

• Religious census to be taken by Auxiliary Unit

Something unusual in the way of a project is being planned by the Wadena Legion Post and its Auxiliary members who will conduct a "religious census" in the city from next Monday, Dec. 12, through Saturday, Dec. 17. Its aim is also to promote attendance, particularly among the children and high-school-age youth who have no regular contact with any church and receive no regular religious instruction.

"The future of our country and our world is dependent on the development of proper attitudes and traits of character in our children," said a statement on the census cards. "A necessary part of this development requires regular instruction in knowledge of God, in whose faith our Constitution was founded."