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U.S. Highway 71/Jefferson reopens

South Jefferson Street and U.S. Highway 71 on the south side of Wadena has reopened, but some work remains.

The street officially reopened on Friday, Nov. 13, according to MnDOT, but it was closed again intermittently by contractors over the next three days. Today, the road is reopened and passable, but there may be more closures, MnDOT warned.

"Motorist[s] may continue to encounter periodic lane/shoulder closures as crews complete work on sidewalks, curbs and landscaping," MnDOT said in a news release.

Wadena City Administrator Brad Swenson said the road is open but there's plenty to do yet.

"There's quite a bit of work to get done yet," he said.

This fall, crews still hope to take down signs and level out some dirt, Swenson said. The asphalt will still be built up in the spring, Swenson said, as another 1 1/2 inches will be added then. Spring will also be the time when the manholes are raised, striping is finished, and sidewalks and boulevards are done.

"By June 1, we're hoping to be 100 percent done," Swenson explained.

Street lights are functional, and Swenson said he expects the detour days are over.

The total project cost was $1.38 million, with MnDOT covering about 45 percent of the cost.