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Programs filled November's calendar at the library

I don't even know where to begin with what has been happening here at the library.

Kitchigami Regional Library was graciously granted a portion of the Minnesota State Legacy Amendment Funds. This funding was dedicated by Minnesota voters to preserve our arts and cultural heritage.

Our first program was Nov. 9 and 18 at Memorial Auditorium. It was one of the many performances that will be given in the Minnesota History Alive portion of what Kitchigami Regional Library will be presenting throughout the region. Alison Edgerton, who has been a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her books for most of her life, not only dressed up like Laura, and brought "Laura like" everyday articles to show her audience, she also shared a delightful and entertaining talk with pictures comparing the fictional Ingalls family in the books and television show to the real family.

I haven't heard from anyone yet who didn't enjoy themselves at this fantastic author depiction. The school children were very interested to find out that the Laura they read about and see on television was a real person who didn't even begin to write her life story until she was in her 60s, and the reason she was able to remember all those times in her life was because she was a very spectacular storyteller. She partially achieved this ability from "Ma and Pa" and the rest was from "being Mary's eyes" as a very young girl.

The audience especially enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the real homes Laura grew up in as well as the family photographs showing Pa's long beard and just how tall "Manly" (Almanzo) was. The real treat for me, I have to say, was the final photograph of Pa's fiddle which he gave to Laura when he passed away and is now in a museum for all to see. I urge everyone to try and attend these Minnesota History Alive programs. I guarantee there will be something to learn, just as those of us who attended "The Real Laura: Where Literature and History Meet."

On Saturday, Nov. 14, the library had the privilege of hosting our first author visit in the Kitchi Reads/Kitchi Writes portion of the Legacy funding. Bestselling author Lorna Landvik was here. She is a Minnesota author who resides in Minneapolis. Her many novels include "Patty Jane's House of Curl," "Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons," and her most recent title, "'Tis the Season." Her twin passions for writing and theater (she used to be a stand-up comic) really came through to her audience on Saturday as she not only answered many writing and publishing questions, but entertained us with her fantastic sense of humor. Lorna will be performing her one-woman show, "Party in the Rec Room" at the Bryant Lake Bowl weeknights during January. If you missed seeing her here, there's still a chance folks.

Like I have told all the audiences I have welcomed so far, this is a fantastic opportunity for the community to come and experience these wonderful shows and meet these talented people. The library staff feels very privileged to be the one providing them. All the events are free, however, there is a small cost (isn't there always), and that is we ask you for a little of your time and opinion following each program. The state would like to know your thoughts and opinions on what you are experiencing, as well as what you would like to see in the future. So, I urge you all to please take the time to share with us those things. The library board and staff, and Friends of the Library, have thoughtfully provided refreshments for our attendees and some of the performers are providing raffle prizes.

Some Legacy-funded programs to be looking forward to is singer/songwriter Neal Hagberg in January, and Minnesota Crime Wave in the spring, Maude Hart Lovelace may be visiting us soon too. Watch for posters, listen on the local radio stations, look in the newspapers and on television and, of course, read my article to find out your next opportunity to be entertained, inspired and motivated at the library.

In between planning all these programs, the library will be putting out its giving tree again this year. Please consider donating $25 toward the purchase of a book. We'd love to see the tree filled with donations, and our shelves with brand new books!

Don't forget to put the rakes down for a bit and pick up a good book. See you at the library!


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