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Former skeptic to speak about Christian faith

Former skeptic Don Bierle will be presenting the evidence that changed his mind from doubt to confidence about the Christian faith in Verndale from 6-8 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 22, at Verndale Alliance Church, 109 Brown St. NW.

Bierle, a Ph.D. biologist, said the seminar reflects the life-changing discoveries he had in his own spiritual journey.

"Though I attended church in my youth, God never seemed real or personal," he said. "My success in athletics won me a college scholarship, and I soon became enthralled with academics -- convinced that science held all the answers to life."

His conversion came about through the study of the reliability of New Testament writings.

In his book, "Surprised by Faith," he describes the forgiveness and new life that he found. He shares this in FaithSearch, along with answers to some of the most important questions in life: Why am I here? Can I believe the Bible? Is Jesus really God? Are all religions the same? How can I experience God?

In addition to authoring several books and videos, he presents other seminars on Christian evidence, including "Making Sense of Creation and Evolution."

There is a cost to attend.