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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 11, 2004 Pioneer Journal

• Bertha-area hunter shoots 270-pound buck

After David Strobel, Bertha, shot a 270-pound buck early Saturday morning, there was a constant stream of traffic at his house. Word spread quickly and neighbors came over to see the buck and take pictures. Unofficially, the buck has between 16 and 18 points and a 19 1/2- to 20-inch antler span.

• County suing incinerator firm

Wadena County is joining Todd and Otter Tail counties in a lawsuit against Barlow Projects, Inc. of Colorado, the Perham incinerator's managing firm. The incinerator is switching management to the city of Perham and the transition is almost complete, said Commissioner Mary Harrison. The litigation is for losses incurred from the incinerator failing to perform contract duties, said Wadena County Attorney John Edin.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 11, 1999 Pioneer Journal

• Drastic drop in milk prices incites Bluffton farmer to dump milk -- again

Friday's drop in milk prices prompted Bluffton farmer Mark Rohr to dump 440 gallons of milk Tuesday at his farm. Milk prices went from $16.26 per hundred weight to $11.49 in just one day. Tuesday Rohr's milk was worth $440. Last Thursday it was worth $600. Rohr is no stranger to social protest. He dumped milk two other times this year, once March 10 at his farm, and again April 15 at the state capitol -- all in protest of dropping milk prices.

Rohr wasn't alone in his protest Tuesday. Jim Sarff, an Eagle Bend farmer, lit a load of hay on fire at Rohr's farm to protest the price of hay and poor farming economic conditions.

• Deer shot within Wadena city limits

Local law enforcement and Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Phil Meier are looking for the poacher who shot an 8-point buck near Greenwood Avenue Northwest sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning. The deer was found in a cornfield by a resident Monday morning.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 15, 1984 Pioneer Journal

• Deer hunter pleads guilty to second-degree manslaughter

A Carlos man, Benjamin Meyers, 39, has pleaded guilty in Wadena District Court to second degree manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of a Menahga woman, Lois Olson, Nov. 10, 1983. According to reports, Olson was getting mail from the mailbox at the end of her driveway when a bullet fired by Meyers struck her in the back, killing her instantly. Meyers, who was hunting deer at the time, had seen movement through the trees about 300-400 yards away. Mistaking that movement for a deer, Meyers fired at what was, in reality, Mrs. Olson.

• ASCS asks for disaster recognition

Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Director David Mattila met with the Wadena County Board of Commissioner Tuesday seeking its support in declaring the county a drought disaster area from June 22 to Sept. 24, 1984.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 13, 1969 Pioneer Journal

• Hulting memorial services held Nov. 9 at First Congregational

Memorial services were held Nov. 9 for Navy Lt. (jg) Robert Bruce Hulting, 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hulting of 826 SW Third St. The U.S. Navy identified Hulting as the pilot of his Douglas A4 Skyhawk jet fighter that went down in the Caribbean Nov. 4 near San Juan, Puerto Rico. His remains had not been recovered but the search was in progress, according to a telegram from Navy Vice Admiral C.K. Duncan, chief of naval personnel.

• Father of five killed instantly by stray bullet

Willard Donald Rentz, 41, was killed by a stray bullet while hunting deer on his farm four miles north of Wadena Saturday, according to the Sheriff's Office. The father of five, Rentz was hunting with his brother LaVern, his second oldest son, Donald, and his son-in-law, Warren Sanford, when he slumped to the ground about 8 a.m. The stray bullet struck him in the back going through the entire body, authorities said.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 17, 1949 Pioneer Journal

• Staples man killed in hunting accident

Frank B. Auld Jr., 29, of Staples was accidentally killed in a hunting mishap eight miles north of Staples late Saturday afternoon. It is not known how the accident occurred. Mr. Auld was missed by members of his party, who began a search for him late in the afternoon, and he was discovered, fatally wounded, in a woods near the Kaveney farm home.

• Fleeing Romeo, 18, is nabbed by police

Wadena police officers Con Knutson and Gene Allen didn't realize they were going to get all tangled up in a love triangle as they sat in the police car patiently awaiting the arrival of a car thief barreling down U.S. Highway 10 from Detroit Lakes. They stopped an 18-year-old driver whose Minnesota plates didn't jibe with his Pennsylvania permit and decided this was the stolen car that had been reported from Crookston.

Inside the jail, the youth broke down and confessed he had run away from his Pennsylvania home with a married woman five years his senior. When the officers asked him why the stolen car and the hurry to get back to Pennsylvania he replied, "Well, her old man walked in on us a couple of hours ago."

"You mean her father came to take her back?" asked the police.

"No -- her husband walked in on us."

At that point, the officers figured they had enough essential information on which to hold the youth. The rest of the sordid details they left for Crookston police.

• Butturff store name is changed to 'Homecrest'

One of Wadena's pioneer establishments, the Burtturff and Son Furniture Store, this week announced a name change to Homecrest Furniture, Inc.