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Drug dog Danny set to retire

Photo provided Danny, the Wadena County Sheriff's Department Canine Unit, shows off the stash of marijuana he helped secure on April 19 after a traffic stop. A California man and woman were arrested and charged with felony drug crimes after the drugs were found in the vehicle they were driving.

Deputy Danny has a few grey whiskers under his chin and is set to retire in the spring, according to Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr.

"He's showing his age a little bit," he said about the nearly 10-year-old dog.

Danny has worked for the county seven years, Carr said. His nose is still good, but drug dogs are in their prime ages 5-7.

The K-9 officer is the first dog to serve in the sheriff's department in recent years, Carr said.

Danny's biggest success has been sniffing the lockers and cars at the schools, he said. Another success was the big marijuana bust in Verndale in April 2008. Danny has assisted with more than 50 calls a year, Carr said, including arrests and searches for missing children and vulnerable adults.

"He's been a good dog for us," Carr said.

Carr is investigating options for selling Danny when he retires, he said. Danny has been living with K-9 Deputy Luke Manderschied, but will not be able to when another dog is purchased for the K-9 unit.

Local businesses and organizations have already donated $7,500 for a new dog, he said. Carr told Wadena County commissioners he is looking to raise $15,000 for the purchase of the dog and a one-month training session for Manderschied.

Carr would like the community to continue to get involved, he said.

"We really want the community, Wadena County as a whole to take ownership over this dog," Carr said.