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Counties take a step closer to collaboration on solid waste

A regional solid waste district is closer to becoming a reality after Wadena County Commissioners signed a letter of intent to join up with Becker, Otter Tail and Todd counties in the effort.

The letter doesn't mean the county is officially joining the Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority, said Otter Tail Solid Waste Director Mike Hanan.

"It's really not committing the board to anything other than continuing the process," he said.

All three of the other counties have already signed the letter of intent, Hanan said. This group will move forward to develop a joint powers board.

The idea of regional solid waste collaboration began with efforts to get more counties to haul waste to the Perham Resource and Recovery Facility. The PRRF needs more participating counties to accept a $2.8 million grant for an expansion. Landfills, recycling and other waste issues are other possible areas for collaboration.

Commissioners received a draft of the master plan for the PLMSWA at their Oct. 6 board meeting.