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Former PJ editor writes 'Snowbound'

A former editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal has written a suspense novel under the pen name A.J. Questenberg.

Joyce Ritacco has written "Snowbound," a book set in northern Minnesota, where she now lives.

In "Snowbound," Samantha Egar researches wolf behavior in Minnesota's north woods. She runs into problems with the local trappers who believe she is pulling their legally set traps, and discovers her new home is haunted. She has a sworn enemy among the trappers who has no compunction against striking women. Arthur Noone, the man she bought her home from is also her neighbor and stalking her through the woods. Not a man to be taken lightly, she becomes his target because of her uncanny resemblance to someone he once knew. An odd assortment of neighbors become her friends, but none realize they too have an enemy in their midst. She learns startling facts about her past, along with her best friend who, as a parapsychologist as well as a profiler for the police, comes from Fargo, N.D., to help her. Through it all she works studying wolf behavior learning that they too are allied with her against their mutual enemy. Things come to a disastrous end for some during the worst snow storm in Minnesota history.

"Snowbound" will soon be available at