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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 21, 2004 Pioneer Journal

• Area sends off soldiers

Soldiers clutched loves ones waving flags and soaked up support on Saturday as the Wadena area said goodbye to soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 194th Armor Company A headquartered in Wadena. The National Guard unit is being deployed first to Fort Dix, N.J., then on to Iraq in December.

• Local boy scout points way in Black's Grove

The new signs in Black's Grove Park didn't just appear -- they reflect the work of 16-year-old Ian Carlstrom for his eagle scout rank. The final product is four signs on the trail and one sign near the entrance of the park.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 21, 1999 Pioneer Journal

• Man arrested after holding police at bay with bomb threat

At approximately 12:09 a.m. Friday, Oct. 15 Wadena Police Department officers were summoned to Casey's General Store on North Jefferson Street. When they arrived officers found that a plate glass window had been smashed. While investigating, they were approached by an adult male identified as Jeffrey Alan Salter, 42, Wadena, who lives in a home adjacent to the store. Salter allegedly yelled at the police officers from across the parking lot and said he smashed the window and that he had a bomb and would blow everyone up.

• Concerned parents fight for referendum

Election day is fast approaching and with it lies the fate of the Verndale School District's proposed referendum. To ensure an informed vote, a group of 12 concerned parents have formed a committee that will gather and distribute all pertinent factors that may affect the taxpayers' decision.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 25, 1984 Pioneer Journal

• On the street: Who won the presidential debate

Geri Askew, Wadena: "Walter Mondale all the way. He made more points of the issues that were important and he didn't steer off course. He didn't avoid the issues like the president did. I thought Mondale was great, and he is an honest, decent man I'd like to see as our next president."

Tim Olson, Wadena: "Right now I'd say the man on top was Reagan. The president needs two terms. Mondale said he'd raise taxes, and I think the economy will turn around with Reagan as president. There's more people working now than there has been. I'm in favor of Reagan."

• Bethany plans parsonage dedication

Members of Bethany Free Lutheran Church, Bluegrass, will participate Sunday morning in dedicating the new parsonage at a special 11 a.m. worship service.

Pastor Frank Cherney put it like this, "House she go!"

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 23, 1969 Pioneer Journal

• Farmer bags albino squirrel

Isadore Macho, a Rockwood Township farmer, reported that he shot an albino grey squirrel on his farm Saturday, Oct. 18. The squirrel was mature but entirely white, a rarity, Isadore said that he has the albino in his deep freeze and he plans to have a relative mount the animal in the near future.

• Red Owl ad

The advertising page for Red Owl grocery store listed "rebellion priced" bananas for 13 cents a pound, a gallon of apple cider for 97 cents, six 12-ounce cans of apple beer for 79 cents, a 10.5-ounce can of condensed Campbell's tomato soup for 12 cents, a gallon can of Prestone anti-freeze for $1.59, one-half gallon of 2 percent Farmdale milk for 48 cents and one-half gallon of Flavoree ice cream for 59 cents.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Oct. 27, 1949 Pioneer Journal

• Burch Hall planned as drill place for guard unit

Two big steps in the formation of a National Guard unit here were taken this week when Col. C.F. VonderHaar of the Minnesota National Guard came here to select Burch Hall (over the Penney's store) as the possible meeting place for the unit, and also to interview candidates for the post as commanding officer of the unit.

• Wig's Cabbage Patch

A section in "Wig's Cabbage Patch," an advertising spot for Erickson Hardware, read: Three slightly deaf hunters from Wadena were returning from a recent partridge hunt. As they approached Sebeka one asked, "Is this Menahga?"

"No," replied the second. "This is Thursday."

"So am I," put in the third. "Let's stop and have one."