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Police Scanner

Sept. 29

• A caller reported the theft of an XBox 360 gaming system and about 20-30 games, plus a change jar with about $400 in it.

Sept. 30

• A 2001 Monte Carlo was vandalized while parked all evening in a parking lot. Someone threw rocks at the vehicle, breaking the windshield, and put peanut butter under the door handles and toilet paper around the vehicle.

• Police received a noise complaint about a man who had been the subject of several police calls in recent weeks. When they went to his door, he opened it very slowly, then seeing the police, tried to slam the door shut. When he finally let police in to talk about him, he said he was upset about all of the stuff that was happening to him, such as getting arrested recently and not getting back a sword he had brandished in the presence of officers. The man's probation officer was contacted, who requested a breath test be taken for alcohol. The man said he had only had one beer, and submitted to the test. The test read 0.171. The man said he had blown in the officer's machine, and asked if he could now "go play with [his] girlfriend."

• A sheriff's deputy assisted with a woman who was not breathing at the tech college. The ambulance crew arrived to help the woman.

• A caller asked someone at the sheriff's office to speak to his parents to tell them to stop contacting him. He said he has told them several times to leave him alone, and said he was "so angry, [he] would end up cutting their throats, ripping their heads off and burning their house down" if he went out there by himself.

Oct. 1

• A woman called 911 and reported that a man visiting her at her apartment had been poking her in the ribs while she was trying to do the dishes, and she didn't appreciate it. The man left when she called 911.

• The man from the previous call who was poking the woman in the ribs called police to inquire if he was in any trouble, because the woman had been threatening to call the cops on him. He was informed he wasn't in trouble -- yet -- but needed to leave the woman alone for the night.

Oct. 3

• A sheriff's deputy pulled over a vehicle for failing to dim his headlights. The driver said he thought it was "rude" of the law enforcement officer to stop him -- that he should have just flashed his lights at him.

• The new manager of a business was in the bathroom when other employees left the building and activated the alarm system. When he exited the bathroom and set off the alarm, he didn't know the code to disarm it yet because he was so new.

Oct. 4

• A fight was reported between two people. A man had cut his arm with his own knife, and his girlfriend had hit him on the head with a glass bottle.

Oct. 6

• The owner of several newspaper stands around Wadena reported the stands had been broken into and roughly $150-$200 was missing. The owner said he would make sure he collects the money from the stands more often so there isn't so much in them.

• A woman at the emergency room reported she had been bitten by a stray cat as she was feeding the cat. The bite was now red and swollen. The woman said she planned to keep the cat as a pet, but the police said the cat needed to be quarantined for 10 days and get its shots in order to be kept as a pet.

• A woman was seen turning around in a driveway when she hit a rock wall, causing damage to the wall. The woman then allegedly took off. Deputies tried to locate the vehicle but were unable.

The preceding reports were taken from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.