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Wadena woman charged with stealing from employer

A Wadena woman faces three theft-related charges for allegedly taking items from her employer, Share-A-Home, in Wadena.

According to Wadena County District Court documents, Becky Joanne Perusse, 44, was charged Sept. 9 with theft -- take/use/transfer movable property with no consent, check forgery -- make or alter a check, and check forgery -- offer/possess with intent to defraud. Her first appearance was scheduled for Sept. 28.

On July 6, Wadena County Sheriff's Department investigators looked into a report of possible employee theft from Share-A-Home in Wadena, where gift cards, cash and a check had gone missing in the previous year.

Perusse worked for two separate Share-A-Home group homes, court documents said, and items had gone missing from both locations, with a total value of $594.74. Authorities looked at video surveillance footage to confirm that the defendant had allegedly used the gift card and check to purchase items for herself, according to court documents.