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Public Notice Minutes of the Governing Board of Edu- cation of Freshwater Education District August 25, 2009

Public Notice

Minutes of the Governing Board of Edu-

cation of Freshwater Education District

August 25, 2009

A meeting of the Freshwater Education

District Governing Board was called to order

by Vice Chairman Pierce at 7:32 p.m. on

Tuesday, August 25, 2009, Freshwater Con-

ference Room A, Staples, MN. Jim Runyan

resumed Chair duties at approximately 7:50


Board Members Present: Lee Truax,

Daryl Brever, Twila Pierce, Curtis Hasbar-

gen; Margaret Knebel; Chad Longbella,

Charles Funk, Steve Techam, Jim Runyan

Board Members Absent: Thom Muellner,

Rod Thalmann,

Superintendents: Jim Madsen

Director: B. Lund

Coordinators: S.Boehland; B. Fabian

Others Present: D. Winkels, Recorder

Review and Approve Agenda

Motion by Hasbargen, seconded by Long-

bella to approve the final agenda as present-

ed. The motion carried.

Clerk's Report

Motion by Brever, seconded by Knebel to

approve the minutes of the July 28, 2009

meeting as corrected with removal of "The

motion carried" placed in error twice on the

Mayer, Porter, Beinhorn and Rowe motion.

The motion carried.

Coordinator Reports / Information


Special Education

MOE (Maintenance of Effort) was dis-

cussed. The report will be submitted to MDE

on August 26th.

RELI (Reforming Effective Literacy Instruc-

tion) - Bruce Lund for Rynell Schock

Rynell could not be here this evening due

to a conflict. She will give an update in Sep-


SPDG - Capacity Building Grant was not

awarded to Freshwater this year.

Community Education/DVP/SAC/GCT -

Amy Hunter

The GCT (Gifted, Creative, Talented)

meeting was held on August 18th.

DVP (Drug, Violence, Prevention) The

next meeting scheduled for September 30,


Community Education Fall Catalog items

are due August 21st. The catalog will be

published September 23rd.

ECFE/SR/Screening/Todd Collaborative -

Beth Fabian

School Readiness 08-09 Annual Report

was shared.

ECFE 08-09 Annual Report and 08-09 EC

Participant Questionnaire was shared.

EC Screening 08-09 Report was given to

the schools participating.

Todd Collaborative meeting was August

18th. Beth Fabian will facilitate the group

with Amy Hunter's Retirement as of August

1st, 2009. The next meeting will be in No-


ALC/Perkins/CTE - Sue Boehland

Perkins reporting will be on MARSS for

2009. Sue gave an update on Perkins.

ALC/Targeted Services and Credit Recov-

ery. A MARSS meeting was held to review

process and information for the districts. Up-

date was given on summer programming

and fall start.

Education District - Bruce Lund

Bruce gave an update on facilities. Bruce

will meet with Superintendents in September

and plans to bring a recommendation to the

full board in November, 2009. There is no

meeting in October.

Staff / Contract Changes / Lane Chang-


Motion by Runyan, seconded by Truax to

accept the resignation of David Lindquist,

Technology Coordinator with last day of em-

ployment July 31, 2009. The motion carried.

Motion by Longbella, seconded by Has-

bargen to approve the hiring of Shari Pung

for 1260 hours/180 days at 80% Grade 6

Tech Tutor and 20% Grade 8 Program Sec-

retary Long Prairie ALC. First day of work

8-31-09. The motion carried.

Education District

Motion by Funk, seconded by Brever to

approve the August FED financial report and

payment of checks numbered # 97870 -

98143. The motion carried

Motion by Pierce, seconded by Longbella

to approve the 09-10 Budget as presented.

The motion carried.

Motion by Knebel, seconded by Funk to

approve the 2009-2010 Freshwater Educa-

tion District Employee Handbook as present-

ed. The motion carried.

Motion by Funk, seconded by Knebel to

approve E-Rate Consulting 2009-2010 Ser-

vice Provider Contract for Jeffrey Hunt in the

amount of $2,000.00. The motion carried.


Motion by Hasbargen, seconded by Truax

to approve the second reading of FED Policy

#624 Revision. The motion carried.

Closed Session

Chairman Runyan called the meeting into

closed session at 8:10 PM to discuss nego-

tiations. Written Roll Call of those in atten-

dance at closed session: Members Truax,

Brever, Pierce, Hasbargen, Knebel, Funk,

Longbella, Runyan, Techam; Director Lund;

Coordinator Boehland; Recorder Winkels.

The closed session was recorded as man-

dated by law and is placed in secure file in

the Freshwater Business Office

Closed session ended and regular meet-

ing resumed at 8:50 PM

Public Session

No one in attendance

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday, September 22, 2009, Staples,

Freshwater Conference Room A, 7:30



Motion by Brever, seconded by Techam to

adjourn the meeting at 8:51 p.m. The motion


Daryl Brever,



180384 975940 9/19