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County increases levy 3.23 percent

The Wadena County Board adopted a 2009 payable in 2010 preliminary levy of $7,680,053, an increase of 3.23 percent over last year's levy.

Commissioners met Tuesday to approve the preliminary levy prior to the Sept. 15 deadline.

The increase the board approved reflects a combination of all special levies the county is eligible for, according to Auditor/Treasurer Char West.

The special levies include the amount of funds Wadena County was unalloted by the state, West said after the meeting.

The county was unalloted $133,049 in December 2008 and $100,295 in 2009. A $203,629 unallotment was announced for 2010. There will also probably be another unallotment this December, West said. West prepared six levy options for the board to consider.

Chairman Dave Schermerhorn and commissioners Lane Waldahl, Ralph Miller and Bill Stearns voted in favor of the 3.23 percent preliminary levy increase and Commissioner Rodney Bounds voted nay.

"We're starting worse case and we'll pare it down from there," Schermerhorn said.

The county can decrease the levy but not increase it before Dec. 31.