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Bandstand renovation starts

STS worker Greg Keppers saws through a board Thursday morning as he helps to restore the historic bandstand at Burlington Northern Park.

A Sentence to Serve crew started repairs on the bandstand by The Depot at Burlington Northern Park Tuesday, Public Works Director Ron Bucholz said.

The city is using volunteers and STS help as much as possible for the remodel, Bucholz said. It will be a work in progress for a few months.

The bandstand has been closed because a fire made the floor unsafe several years ago. The renovation of The Depot was completed in June 2008 and the city has been trying to acquire funds to repair the bandstand as well.

There's $30,000 for the renovation, although a 2006 plan for the remodel was estimated to cost $55,000, Bucholz said. The city hopes volunteer labor will help make up the difference.

They are trying to follow the 2006 plan as close as possible, Bucholz said.

"I think we should be able to do a fairly good job of doing that," he said.

The first concern, however, is to get the structure stabilized, Bucholz added. Some of it was beyond repair, but overall it's not too bad.

The next phase of the renovation involves installing electrical units such as outlets, he said. He's getting input from potential users of the bandstand to find out what will be needed.

Next, a subfloor and floor will be installed with a trapdoor under the stage for storage of items such as park benches, Bucholz said. They're hoping to stucco the structure and have it available for use by next summer.