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Toby's Hill gets higher

Photo by Sara Hacking A bulldozer adds excess soil from the U.S. Highway 71 reconstruction project to Toby's Hill in southwest Wadena.

Toby's Hill, a popular sledding spot for Wadena kids, is reaching for the sky, getting a little higher with excess soil from the U.S. Highway 71 reconstruction project.

The city plans to raise the hill about three to four feet for the winter sledders, according to Public Works Director Ron Bucholz. They're hopeful the slopes will be stabilized for this winter's sledding season.

Toby's Hill, the Industrial Park and the old city airport were all identified as locations where the contractor could place excess fill from the street project, Bucholz said.

The original Toby's Hill was built at the suggestion of Councilman Toby Pierce when there was excess fill from the 1997 reconstruction project in northwest Wadena, he said.