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MILC changes due Sept. 14

Dairy producers who are enrolled in the Milk Income Loss Contract Program and want to change their start date for 2010 MILC payments to October have until Sept. 14 to request the change. Additionally, producers who currently have October as their start month and would like to change it must also make that change by Sept. 14.

Dairy producers are allowed to change their start month an unlimited number of times throughout their enrollment in MILC provided that the changes are made:

• On or before day 14 of the month prior to the new MILC production start-month (unless that day falls on a weekend federal holiday, then the date falls to the previous business day);

• Before payment is sought;

• Before the original selected MILC production start-month has passed.

For example, if a dairy operation's current start-month for FY 2010 is January, and the dairy operation decides to change the start-month to October, the new start-month would have to be selected by Sept. 14.

Dairy producers interested in applying for the MILC program can visit a local FSA office or download the application online at