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Minnesota DOC inspection shows high marks for Wadena County Jail

A recent jail inspection by the Minnesota Department of Correction gave the Wadena County facility a 99.12 percent out of a possible 100 percent rating.

Wadena County Sheriff Michael D. Carr credited his staff with keeping up with maintenance, documentation and operations at the jail to stay within DOC rules and guidelines.

Carr said many improvements have been made to the jail to obtain the high score.

"When you have a jail such as ours and the age of it, it is my job as sheriff to maintain and keep it operational as long as we can," Carr said. "As a taxpayer in Wadena County, we can not afford to look at rebuilding a new facility, but what we can do is maintain it as long as we can and keep passing DOC inspections. Again, credit goes out to the Wadena County jail staff for this great accomplishment."