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Aug. 8

• Police were called to assist with a fight at a bar. The officer found out there was no fight, just a verbal argument over a poker game. A man said he was upset because a drunk male called him a communist since he's from the Ukraine.

Aug. 9

• The owner of a pickup reported his vehicle had a long scratch along the side, and his tires had been slashed.

Aug. 10

• A woman reported her son's ex-girlfriend is still following and stalking her son, and is making inappropriate contact with family members. The woman said the ex-girlfriend has even shown up at the man's grandmother's house, and they have woken up only to find the ex-girlfriend sitting at their kitchen table in their home.

• Five windows were broken out of a front-end loader. The deputy had four suspects between the ages of 9-11.

Aug. 11

• A woman reported her vehicle had been egged, and she suspected a family member. She said the family member also failed to return a cell phone she had loaned her.

• Police responded to a garbage complaint. The renter at the property had two old sofas, an old mattress, an old toilet, bicycle parts and old sheets of fiber board piled against the outside wall of the building. The renter said he has meant to have the items hauled to the landfill, but has been short on cash, and would get it done.

• A store owner reported someone had stolen a laptop computer valued at $1,100 from his store. A man who is legally blind was watching the store for the owner when a young man in his late teens or early 20s came into the store wearing baggy clothing. Video surveillance indicated the young man went over to the laptop area, then he was observed holding something under his jacket and making a bee-line for the exit door.

• A man reported his clothesline had been cut by vandals -- for the third time this summer.

Aug. 12

• A woman reported getting a phone call and several text messages from an upcoming bride, who said the woman was not invited to her wedding. When police contacted the bride, who was intoxicated and having a hard time talking to police, she said she was worried there would be trouble at her upcoming wedding if certain people showed up.

Aug. 13

• Police were called to a domestic disturbance around 9:20 p.m. According to witnesses, a man and a woman at the residence had been drinking and arguing for hours, with mostly pushing and shoving going on, although one witness reported hearing the man say he was going to kill the woman. The police noticed fresh bruises on the woman, and took the man into custody. The man was found to have a knife in his pocket. The man had a burn on his shoulder and told police the woman had thrown scalding water on him. The man was taken to the hospital and the burn turned out to be sunburn. The man then asked police what would happen if he said the woman had pulled a gun on him and pointed it at him.

Aug. 14

• A caller reported seeing an American flag flying upside down, a universal sign of distress. A deputy talked to people in the area and finally found the owner of the flag. He said he had been in a hurry when he put the flag on, and put it on upside down, but everything was OK.

Aug. 16

• An ambulance was called after a man was found lying face-down around 3 a.m. on Howard Street Southwest. There was no alcohol or drugs involved; the man had known health problems and was treated.

The Wadena Police Department also handled 13 reports of bad checks, the majority of those from the same individual. The preceding reports were compiled from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.