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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 20, 2004 Pioneer Journal

• Six youths hurt on fair rides

Six kids were injured when the Frolic ride broke down at the Wadena County Fair Friday. None of the injuries were serious, Sheriff Mike Carr said. The ride was last inspected Aug. 11, right before the fair.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 19, 1999 Pioneer Journal

• Looking for Carla

Wadena Police Chief Lane Waldahl and a Moorhead police detective wanted to talk with Floyd Tapson, who recently received a life sentence for the attempted murder of a Montana woman, about the disappearance of Carla Beth Anderson of Wadena 12 years ago.

• Bears are bad news in Menahga

If it were a game, the score would be something like Bears 5, Menahga 0 as bears made a mess in the city park and escaped repeated attempts to trap them.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 21, 1984 Pioneer Journal

• Quincer, Freer attend national Republican convention

Mary Ellen Quincer, Wadena, 7th district I-R chairwoman, is attending the 1984 Republican convention in Dallas as a delegate from Minnesota and Lyle Freer, Wadena, is attending as an alternate delegate.

• Sebeka airman survives Florida jet collision

Maj. Ronald R. Dorenbush, 40, son of Lewis and Joyce Dorenbush of Sebeka, is thankful to be alive after being involved in an apparent collision of two Air Force fighter jets engaged in a simulated dogfight Friday near Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. Dorenbush and another survivor were pulled from the Gulf of Mexico and taken to the base hospital where they were reported in good condition. A third airman was killed.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 21, 1969 Pioneer Journal

• 65 area citizens say 'no' to stopping of trains

More than 65 area citizens crowded the county courtroom Wednesday morning for a public hearing about the discontinuance of the Northern Pacific "Mainstreeter" passenger train. Twenty area citizens appeared on the witness stand. Rev. Hanley of Staples said he had used the passenger service since 1949 and passenger service still fulfills a great need, especially for the elderly. Charles Paper of Wadena said that in one year his three sons will all be attending the University of Minnesota and they frequently use the NP to and from the Twin Cities.

• 40th anniversary of highway patrol

From its initiation in 1929 to the present 1969, members of the Minnesota Highway Patrol continue to serve and be of service, dedicated to the cause of safety and progress of man. Wadena Police Chief Art Ousley is one of the eight original members of the Minnesota Highway Patrol who retired from active service in April 1967.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 18, 1949 Pioneer Journal

• Hollywood dancer goes on buggy ride in Wadena

"It was more fun than an airplane ride," said Vera-Ellen, Hollywood dancer, after she went for a fast buggy ride with her uncle, Fred Maurer, during a visit in Wadena last week. Vera-Ellen and her mother, Mrs. Martin F. Rohe, spent a few days last week at the Maurer home with Mrs. Rohe's mother, Mrs. Mary Rohe, while they were making a personal appearance tour in connection with Vera-Ellen's latest picture, "Love Happy," with the Marx brothers.

• 1,011 4-H exhibits at fair

Wadena County's 4-H boys and girls exceeded all previous records at this year's Wadena County Fair with a total of 1,011 exhibits. The largest exhibit was gardening with 170 out of 192 members participating.

• High school ag department established

A vocational agriculture course has been established at Wadena High School, Supt. T.H. Tofte announced. The program is designed to fill a long-existing need in this community for practical training for farm boys and as an added reason for these boys to attend high school.

• Verndale pioneer dies

John Entringer, a pioneer resident of Verndale, died suddenly at 6 p.m. on Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Simon Kern in Leaf River, where he had made his home for the last six years. He was 81 years, 3 months and 19 days of age.

• Blufftons galore

Bluffton--Residents of Bluffton, Ohio, and Bluffton, Ind., stopped at the post office here this week to send greetings to their homes from Bluffton, Minn.

• 'Village videot'

"We are fast becoming a nation of watchers and listeners with too much to see and hear and not enough to do," declared T.E. Murphy in the current issue of The Reader's Digest. "A process that began four decades ago is reaching its logical conclusion with the advent of television."

Urging more doing and less watching, Murphy said he would rather kiss a pretty girl himself than see one kissed on the screen; rather bat a ball to a bunch of kids than watch DiMaggio hit a homer.