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July 31

• A man was arrested for assault after grabbing a woman, overpowering her, and dragging her into an apartment. He allegedly grabbed her by the hood of her sweatshirt, cutting off circulation. She had rug burns on her knees and scratches on her arms.

Aug. 1

• Police were called to a Wadena store after security equipment observed a woman cutting a cord on a display camera and leaving the store with the digital camera without paying. When the woman was found, she offered to pay for the camera, but was informed it was already a theft case. She was also banned from the store.

• Police were called to a disturbance at the fairgrounds. A man wanted a helicopter ride, and the charge was $35, but he only had $20. The man was escorted from the grounds.

Aug. 3

• A bank employee called police after noticing a stack of $20 bills left in the night business depository didn't feel right, and she believed they were counterfeit. An officer looked at the bills and determined the same. Of the 15 notes, there were only three unique serial numbers and 12 duplicates. The bills were forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service as counterfeit. The money was apparently used to purchase bus tickets in Wadena.

• A man reported someone had entered his unlocked vehicle overnight and stolen a Garmin GPS, a Dell laptop, some Dewalt tools, a DVD player and $400-$500 cash in an envelope.

Aug. 4

• A caller reported that a man who had a recent run-in with the law was drunk and outside again, wielding his sword. The caller reported later that the man had gone back inside again, and all was OK.

• A deputy investigated a call that some people were taking photos and video of turkeys at a private turkey barn. The deputy told the people it was a disease control area and they were trespassing on private property. The manager of the barn said he has been having problems with PETA recently.

• A man called police around 9:55 p.m. to report that at 8:30 a.m. that morning, a man got out of a green commercial van with a young woman in tow, and asked the caller if he wanted to "buy" the woman for sex for the night. The caller noted the license plate number, which came back as not on file. The caller reported that the vehicle left the gas station where this occurred and headed west, possibly to We Fest.

• A man at a gas station stopped an officer and showed him a container with a white substance in it. The container was lying on the ground near the pumps. The officer took the substance with him, and it field-tested positive for cocaine.

Aug. 5

• Vandalism and break-ins were reported at several of the county's campgrounds. A cash box was broken into at White Dog Campground. Knob Hill, Bullards Bluff and Cottingham Park were also hit. The sheriff's office spent extra time patrolling the campgrounds after the incidents.

Aug. 7

• Police received a 911 call from the trailer court, but the caller then said everything was fine. Police responded to see what the problem was, and they found the caller outside, knocking on another man's door. When the police questioned him, he said the woman at the house wouldn't let him leave, but now everything was OK. The police checked the man's record with dispatch and learned the man was on probation and wasn't supposed to be drinking alcohol. The officer told the man he needed to give a breathalyzer sample, and the man was adamant he wasn't on probation. Meanwhile, the other man whom the suspect was going to visit came out of the trailer and told the officer he was a "prejudiced mother [expletive]" and that he was going to send the officer's "[expletive] up the river." The suspect eventually gave a breath sample requested by the probation officer and the police left.

• A Wadena officer was patrolling when he heard a woman screaming from a parking lot. The argument was with a man, apparently over a cell phone. When the officer questioned the man as to who he was, the man said, "you know who I am." Police went to check if the man had warrants, and he did, but by then the man had fled. Officers tried to track the man down west of Wadena near Black's Grove Park, and used a thermal imaging device to try to track him, but he eluded arrest.

Aug. 8

• Around 9:50 p.m., a caller reported there was a child who had fallen into Whiskey Creek at Sunnybrook Park South. The caller said one of the children in her group heard a child flailing in the water near the footbridge. But all of the children in the park were accounted for. The officer searched the area and while walking near the buffalo pen, he heard some ducks splashing around in the water. The officer spoke to the woman, and they agreed that could have been the sound.

• An officer found a man slumped over his steering wheel as his car was in the middle of the road near the railroad tracks. The officer knocked on the window several times but the man didn't respond. The officer then opened the door, which woke the man up. The officer asked the man to step out of the car, but when he did, the vehicle started rolling forward. The man was advised to put the vehicle in park first. After he did that, the man required the officer's help in getting out of the vehicle. The man was having a hard time standing, and the officer asked him how much he had to drink. He replied: "I don't know. Too much." The man couldn't stand, so the officer didn't want to put him through field sobriety tests because he feared for his safety. He was arrested for DWI and registered a .19 blood alcohol content.

• Police were called to a trailer park on a report that two women were fighting, and that one of the women had grabbed the other by the hair and punched her. Police interviewed both women and the officer noticed the victim was not putting any weight on one of her legs. When asked about it, she said her knee had popped out earlier and it was unrelated to the fight. The officer called an ambulance to have the knee looked at, but the victim refused medical attention and signed a waiver.

Aug. 9

• Police were called to a trailer park on a complaint that two men were fighting. The two were allegedly fighting over a woman -- the same woman involved in a physical confrontation the day before. Witnesses also reported that woman had walked through the trailer court screaming obscenities in the presence of 5-10 children. Police informed the woman she was going to be taken into custody on a charge of disorderly conduct. The woman responded by saying: "You [expletive] pigs are going to arrest me when I'm the one that called you? This is [expletive] [expletive]! No wonder nobody likes you [expletive] pigs! I'm never going to [expletive] call you guys again!" She was taken into custody.

• Police were called to a trailer park on a complaint that there was loud arguing. The officer spoke to the people who were being too loud and needed to quiet down. The group agreed. Before the officer could get back in his squad car and leave, he heard more shouting coming from the residence. He told the people if there was one more noise problem, they would receive citations. They quieted down.

The Wadena Police Department also handled 12 bad check cases (some with multiple checks) in the past week.

The preceding information was taken from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.