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Living History: Five-legged calf seen at the fair

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 12, 2004 Pioneer Journal

• Buffalo dies at Sunnybrook

The bull buffalo, estimated to be about 10-12 years old, was found dead at Sunnybrook Park, leaving a cow and calf. Mayor Wayne Wolden said the buffalo are an attraction for Wadena and told Public Works Director Ron Bucholz to look for another bull.

• Churches welcome priest back to town

The Rev. Mike Kellog joined the Rev. Al Holmes at St. Ann's, Bluegrass, Verndale, Bluffton and Menahga Catholic churches the beginning of July. Kellog previously served as the liturgist at St. Ann's and asked for this assignment.

• Sebeka unhappy with transit service

Sebeka residents have been unhappy with the availability of Friendly Rider transit bus rides from Sebeka to Wadena, Sebeka Mayor Debbie Carlson told the transit advisory committee.

• Tri-County opens new entrance

Tri-County Hospital opened the doors Monday to its new main entrance shared with the Wadena Medical Center. The entrance is part of a recently completed Phase II of a $10 million construction and remodeling plan.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 12, 1999 Pioneer Journal

• Compton Township school refurbished

Compton Township residents refurbished the old schoolhouse that served as the township hall.

• WDC given $60K for scholarship

J. Harold Peterson donated $60,000 to the Wadena-Deer Creek school system to create the Harold and Edythe Peterson Family Scholarship fund, which was the largest scholarship fund the school has ever received. The scholarship will be used to help WDC graduates continue their education at a four-year college or university.

• Staples trailer court gone

The 20 or more mobile homes in the River Hills Trailer Court in Thomastown Township were deserted and the homes were cleaned out leaving only a few shards of glass and some foundation markers behind.

"I'm glad it's all over with," said Greg Kempf, Wadena County Zoning Administrator. He and other county and state workers had tried for years to get the trailer court into compliance with state and county rules or to close down.

• City accepts gift of former Orton's station

The Wadena City Council voted 4-1 to accept the gift of the former Orton's gas station and convenience store on the southwest corner of Jefferson Street and Colfax Avenue from Tim Orton, owner of Orton Oil Co.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 14, 1984 Pioneer Journal

• The uncommon is common at Falldorf's

Henry Falldorf didn't know where his interest in raising birds came from, but the Nebraska native who lived one mile west of Wadena on U.S. Highway 10 had 20 different varieties on his farm. Rheas, a cousin of the ostrich, a golden pheasant, wild turkeys, mallards, Canada geese and a swan are some.

• Lageson's is August Farm of the Month

The Roger Lageson 120-acre sheep farm on Route 3 in Verndale is featured as the August Farm of the Month. Lageson's wife, Doris, is a Wadena third grade teacher.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 14, 1969 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena may lose passenger train service in near future

Wadena, now nearing its 100th anniversary, is fast approaching the day when it may be without passenger train service on both the Northern Pacific and Great Northern railroads passing through this village, according to an article by H.E. Boen. Hearings have been instituted by the N.P. in almost all towns along that line for the specific purpose of abolishing trains No. 1 and 2. The hearing in Wadena was held Aug. 13. To the early settlers the building of the Northern Pacific through Wadena in 1872 was a momentous occasion.

• Police halt burglary

Quick thinking on the part of the Wadena Police Department resulted in the arrest of three Minneapolis men over the weekend in a burglary attempt at Merickel's in Wadena. Police recognized the business was being cased and local authorities notified a member of the State Crime Bureau who helped set up a stake-out.

• Oldest Compton residents honored

An open house will be held for Carl and Ebba Quarnstrom, Compton's oldest residents, who have lived on the same farm their entire lives.

• Deer Creek man seriously injured

Glen Meyers, of Deer Creek, was seriously injured when the horse he was riding in the half-mile race fell at the Horse Show in Brainerd Saturday.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 11, 1949 Pioneer Journal

• Perkins is queen of the 'Little Round Hill'

Jean Perkins of Nimrod was crowned queen of the "Little Round Hill" centennial celebration, which was part of the Wadena County Fair. Gov. Luther W. Youngdahl placed the crown upon her head last Thursday evening.

• 15,000 attend fair

Hot weather didn't hinder a record number of people from attending the Wadena County Fair when 15,000 people came to the successful five-day run.

• Photos of the fair

A PJ pictorial review of the 1949 fair included a photo of three pioneer residents of the community who registered on Sunday for "Old Settlers" day at the fair. One of the pioneers, Mrs. Elizabeth Spillane, 83, came to Aldrich in 1879.

Another photo featured a freak, five-legged calf born on the Mrs. Frank Youngbauer farm near Bluegrass.

• August Zosel dies

August F. Zosel, pioneer Wadena businessman and respected member of the community for 63 years, died at his home Wednesday morning at the age of 83.