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Skogen receives Legislator of Distinction Award

The League of Minnesota Cities has named state Sen. Dan Skogen, DFL-Hewitt, a 2009 Legislator of Distinction.

The award is given out annually by the League, which represents 800 cities across Minnesota.

"Our members recognize that in order to be successful in serving our common constituents, state and city officials must work together as partners to reach solutions that meet the unique needs of rural, suburban, and urban main streets across the state," the League wrote in the award announcement.

In addition to his ongoing support for local property tax relief and funding for public-safety services, League officials specifically noted Skogen's work in securing passage of a League-sponsored administrative traffic citations provision.

"I'm proud to have the support of the League of Minnesota Cities," said Skogen. "This is an organization that fights to protect our state's quality of life by keeping our property taxes low and our streets safe. I believe the state needs to be a partner with our local units of government, which actually deliver the services and amenities citizens rely on."