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Summer reads that are hotter than the August weather in Wadena

Below are listed some of the new titles we have received this past month.



"Double Play" by Jill Shalvis. A perfect summertime read of steamy romance and the love of America's favorite pastime. Pace Martin has a charmed life as the ace pitcher for the Santa Barbara Pacific Heat. Baseball has been his whole life but now he may have a season-ending injury. To make matters even worse the PR department saddles him with a nosy reporter. Martin thinks he can keep Holly Hutchins under control but she is slowly getting under his skin. Hutchins has a weekly blog that she does stories of national interest. She gets talked into doing one on the baseball team in town. Hutchins is so out of her comfort zone on this subject but she is willing to learn. Getting Martin to set down for an interview is becoming a challenge. Hutchins' initial conception of Martin changes with every time she is with him. The Martin and Hutchins relationship starts with saucy flirting and grows to an all out scorching passion. But someone is leaking secrets to the press and this puts a strain on all involved. Can Hutchins convince Martin and his teammates that she is not the person that is doing this?

"Killer Summer" by Ridley Pearson. Bestseller Pearson makes the most of the theme of the lawman with a bunch of personal problems in his engaging third crime thriller to feature Walt Fleming, the likable sheriff of Sun Valley, Idaho (after "Killer View"). Walt's ex-wife is living with one of his deputies; Walt's teenage nephew, Kevin, is grappling with his father's suicide; and Walt's trying to raise twin daughters on his own. Meanwhile, a big wine convention has come to Sun Valley, and three bottles owned by Thomas Jefferson and given to John Adams are sure to bring big bucks at auction, unless a gang of super thieves, which has hit town with an elaborate scheme in which Kevin becomes unwittingly involved, steals the bottles first. But nothing is as it seems, and even the savviest readers will be fooled as Pearson drags poor Walt and friends through a series of clever twists and turns in this fast-paced nail-biter.

"Take Two" by Karen Kingsbury. Filmmakers Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison have completed their first feature film, and Hollywood is buzzing with the news. In the wake of that excitement, the producers acquire rights to a novel that has all the ingredients they want for their next project. At the same time they cross paths with a well-connected player who introduces them to the right people, and suddenly every studio in town wants to talk to Chase and Keith. The producers' dreams are on the verge of coming true, but Chase's marriage is strained and Keith's daughter -- Andi Ellison -- is making questionable choices in her quest for stardom. The producers are gaining respect and are on the verge of truly changing culture through the power of film -- but is the change worth the cost?

"A Surrendered Heart" - Tracie Peterson

"Dying for Mercy" - Mary Jane Clark

"Hot Pursuit" - Suzanne Brockman


"Resume' Empower" - Washington and Kanter

"Rocket Men" - Craig Nelson

Large Print Fiction

"Black Hills" - Nora Roberts

"Branch and the Scaffold" - Estleman

"Brimstone" - Robert Parker

"Dust to Dust" - Heather Graham

"Medusa" - Clive Cussler

"Rapture in Death" - J. D. Robb

"Shadow of Doubt" - Blackstock

"Swimsuit" - James Patterson

"Two of the Deadliest" - Elizabeth George

Books on CD

"Lover Avenged" - J. R. Ward

"The Challenge of Africa" - Wangari Maathia


Junior Fiction

"A Good Night for Ghosts" - Mary Pope Osborne

"Case of the Dinosaur Birds" - John Erickson

"Charge of the Triceratops" - Rex Stone - Dinosaur Cove Series

"Double Trouble" - Bentley

"I'd Tell You I Love You" - Ally Carter

"Karate Kick" - M. Christopher

"Mercy Watson - Something Wonky This Way Comes" - Kate DiCamillo

"Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel" - K. A. Holt

"Princess Academy" - Shannon Hale

"Princess Daisy and the Dazzling Dragon" - Tiara Club Series

"Princess Charlotte and the Enchanted Rose" - Tiara Club Series

"Princess Georgia and the Shimmering Pearl" - Tiara Club Series

"Rising Star of Rusty Nail" - Lesley Blume

"Rules" - Cynthia Lord

"Saving the Stegosaurus" - Rex Stone - Dinosaur Cove Series

"Things are Gonna Get Ugly" - Hillary Homzie


"Robot Rampage" - Averbach

"Scooby Doo & The Witching Hour" - Sander


"First Day of School" - Jorge Aguirra

"Little Blue and Little Yellow" - Lee Lionni

"Pumpkin Baby" - Jane Yolen

"SpongeBob Roundpants" - Erica David


"You on a Walk" - Michael Roizen


"Bad" and "Off the Wall" - Michael Jackson


"Night Fall" - Cherry Adair

"Night Secrets" - Cherry Adair


"24" - Season 7

"A Little Princess"

"Confessions of a Shopaholic"

"Forever Strong"

"He's Just Not That Into You"


"Jesse Stone - Thin Ice"

"Northwest Frontier"

"Taken" - 2 disk extended cut

"Taking Chance"

"The King and Four Queens"

"Two Lovers"


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