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Andrews back in the area with Wadena Alliance Church

After leaving Verndale to be a pastor in Echo, Minn., Aaron Andrews will return to the area as the associate pastor of Wadena Alliance Church.

Andrews worked as the associate pastor of Verndale Alliance Church for four years until he, along with his family, moved to Echo, a town about half the size of Verndale, to be a solo pastor. Serving as both the senior and youth pastors, he also led the worship, he said.

Andrews was asked to allow his resumé to be sent to the Wadena CMA, and he agreed. He said he feels that God led him to Wadena.

"We just followed through the process and watched and waited for God to open the doors or close the doors, and he kept opening them," he said.

Born and raised in Princeton, Minn., Andrews grew up in the Milaca Alliance Church. He was a trucker for four years and also spent six years in the Army, he said. He attended Crown College from 1988 to 1990, and then he returned to Crown in 1998 and graduated three years later. Currently, he is a student at Crown and will graduate in the spring with a master's degree in Christian studies.

At the time of his calling to go into the ministry, he was a truck driver and volunteer youth leader in the Milaca CMA. He attended Life '98 in Salt Lake City, Utah and received a "clear call from God" that he was supposed to enter ministry.

"It was just abundantly clear that I was not supposed to be a trucker. I was supposed to be a youth pastor," he said.

At the Wadena CMA, he will focus on the youth and young adults. Part of his outreach will include the students of the Wadena Technical College.

"We want to strengthen and grow the youth ministry as well as begin a college age ministry," he said.

Andrews is married to a "wonderful woman," Brenda, and has two kids, Alex and Brittany. Both children will attend Wadena-Deer Creek High School, Alex as a junior and Brittany as an eighth-grader. Alex plays basketball and baseball. Brittany plays volleyball. They both participate in band and choir.

In his spare time, Andrews enjoys reading, riding bike, bowling, fishing, and many other activities.

"I'm just a pretty easy going guy. I like just about anything if I have somebody to do it with," he said.

Andrews is looking forward to many years in Wadena. Of his upcoming time at the Wadena CMA, he said, "We plan to stay a long time, but we'll stay only as long as God wants us to be there."