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Levy vote likely; board hires firm

The ball is rolling and a November levy referendum is on tap for Wadena-Deer Creek School District 2155.

In a special meeting Monday evening at the district offices, the board approved Springsted Incorporated as the district's financial advisor. Springsted will collect data pertinent to the levy.

In addition to an annotated voter file, the district will be able to offer a Web-based tax calculator so that district voters will be able to go to the Springsted Web site and see what the levy will cost them.

"We want to know how much it is going to cost on specific value of property," WDC superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom said.

The district also wants Springsted to calculate how much money it will be receiving from the levy as well as how much state aid it will receive.

The purpose of the levy referendum is to improve academics in the district. Dahlstrom would like to focus on early childhood education and technology.

District 2155 is currently operating with a $101.17 per student levy that will expire in 2011. The average student levy in the state is currently $844. By passing a higher levy, the district will be eligible for matching funds from the state. The board is considering three different levy amounts but they have not decided on one. A decision is expected to be made at the Aug. 17 meeting of the board.

The board is compiling lists of possible referendum committee members.