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Summer page-turners arrive at the library

Below are listed some of the new titles we have received this past month.



"Roadside Crosses" - Jeffrey Deaver. In bestseller Deaver's surprise-filled third Kathryn Dance novel (after "The Sleeping Doll"), Dance, an agent with the California Bureau of Investigation, gets an eye-opening education in some of the hottest areas of the cyberworld. After an auto accident kills two teens, vicious smears of Travis Brigham, the teen driver deemed responsible but not charged in the accident, appear on the Chilton Report, a popular blog. After one of the accusing bloggers barely survives an assault, Brigham becomes a person of interest. Brigham disappears, and attacks, each preceded by a crude roadside cross, spread to other Chilton bloggers. Meanwhile, Dance also looks into a mercy killing at Monterey Bay Hospital that takes an unexpected turn, and Robert Harper, a special prosecutor from the attorney general's office in Sacramento, begins an investigation that will affect her. Deaver's expert and devious plotting makes it a challenge to stay only a couple of steps behind him.

"Finger Licken' 15" - Janet Evanovich. Bestseller Evanovich recycles tired themes better executed in earlier adventures in her latest Stephanie Plum adventure ("Fearless Fourteen," etc.). When Lula inadvertently witnesses the beheading of culinary TV star Stanley Chipotle in a Trenton, N.J., alley, Stephanie's on-again off-again boyfriend, cop Joe Morelli, reluctantly takes the case. Lula, with the help of Grandma Mazur, enters the same barbecuing competition Chipotle was in town to promote, hoping to lure the murderers out of hiding. Meanwhile, Ranger has recruited Stephanie to help solve a series of break-ins at properties under the protection of Rangeman Security. The inevitable sparks fly between Stephanie and Ranger, with Morelli grumbling on the sidelines. Evanovich dishes up her usual mixture of shoot-'em-up action.

"Heartless" - Diana Palmer. A handsome rancher-tycoon and his shy, sheltered stepsister fall in love in Palmer's latest romantic melodrama (after "Fearless") that's long on humid heat but hampered by theatrics. Gracie and Jason Pendleton share no bloodlines, but they've been close ever since Gracie came to live with her now-deceased mother, Beverly, who married Jason's cruel (and also now dead) father, Myron. Jason is a good ol' boy who prefers his Rocking Spur ranch to the family mansion old-fashioned Gracie tends to. Gracie, meanwhile, harbors a dark secret that has made her frightened of romance even though she's desired Jason for years. The feeling's mutual, and, eventually, their hearts collide despite the interference of Kittie Sartain, a redheaded supermodel who tries to lasso Jason.


"Guide to America's Federal Jobs"

"Mimosa" - Amy Carmichael

Large Print Fiction

"Star Bright" - Catherine Anderson

"At Last Comes Love" - Mary Balogh

"Private Justice" - Terri Blackstock

"Gone Tomorrow" - Lee Child

"Chaparral Marauders" - Tom Curry (Western)

"Boneman's Daughter" - Ted Dekker

"Irish Tweed" - Andrew Greeley

"Dead and Gone" - Harris

"Dare to Die" - Carolyn Hart

"Deadly Trail" - William Johnstone

"Relentless" - D. Koontz

"Tea Time for the Traditionally Built" - McCall-Smith

"Heartless" - D. Palmer

"An Unexpected Love" - Tracie Peterson/Judith Miller

"Vision in White" - Nora Roberts

"Wicked Prey" - John Sandford

"Look Again" - Lisa Scottoline

"Matters of the Heart" - Danielle Steel


Junior Fiction

"One Giant Leap" - Robert Burleigh

"The Magic Thief: Lost" - Sarah Prineas

Junior Non Fiction

"Jackson's and Bud's Bumpy Ride" - Elizabeth Koehler

"Dinosaur Questions" - Bernard Most

"The new Jumbo Book of Easy Crafts" - Judy Ann Sadder


"Corn Aplenty" - Dana Meachen Rau


"Hands are not for Hitting" - Martine Agassi

"That's Papa's Way" - Kate Banks

"Swim, Boots, Swim" - Phoebe Bernstein

"Sir Ryan's Quest" - Jason Deeble

"The Nine Lives of Rotten Ralph" - Jack Gantos

"Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully" - Julianne Moore

"The King's Taster" - Kenneth Oppel

"One Night in Frogtown" - Philip Peltelier

"It's the Best Day Ever, Dad" - Brooke Shields

"A Curious Collection of Cats" - Betsy Franco (Poetry)

"Rhino Rhino Sweet Potato" - Francine Pose

"The Secret Circus" - Johanna Wright

"My Uncle Emily" - Jane Yolen

"Blast off to the Moon" - Board Book


"The Joshua Tree" - U2

"Perfectly Platinum" - Barney

"Purple Rain" - Prince & the Revolution

"Thriller" - Michael Jackson


"Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's Vol. 1"


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