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June 23

• An officer spoke to a man who said a second man had threatened to "knock out his teeth and hurt his family" if he wasn't paid $200. Police investigated and found the matter to be a civil dispute over a construction job, and it was settled amicably.

June 25

• Around 9 p.m., a man called police to report someone had stolen his shower radio, adding, "but for the love of God, don't send someone over here." The man said he had seen the shower radio earlier in the day, but it was now missing. He explained he was the original owner of the radio, but had lost it in a Texas Hold 'Em poker game. But then he won the radio back in a poker game. He suspected the man who had briefly owned the radio had taken a shine to it and had now stolen it. The caller said if he saw the radio at the other man's residence "there'll be trouble." The officer told the man not to take the law into his own hands. The officer asked the man if he locked his apartment, and the man said he didn't, "because this is Wadena, Minnesota."

• A boy was reported to be sleeping inside the men's restroom at the softball field complex. The boy had his bike inside the restroom while he slept. When police arrived, the boy had already left.

• A man was pulled over and arrested for DWI. When the officer was helping him fill out his implied consent advisory form for testing, the man answered the questions this way:

- "Do you understand what I have just explained?" / "Um, huh, yes."

- "Do you wish to consult with an attorney?" / "Not right now, no."

- "Will you take the urine test?" / "Oh, yeah."

June 26

• Three people were outside a fenced-in area at a bar, and they were drinking on the street. A woman at the bar told them they were not allowed to do that, and they said they wanted to be told by somebody "with more authority." A Wadena police officer told them they were not allowed to do that, and they complied.

June 27

• An anonymous caller reported a tip that a man who was possibly intoxicated was headed toward the hospital. The man was stopped at the hospital and the officer observed a faint smell of alcohol, but the man exhibited no signs of being intoxicated. He was asked why he was at the hospital, and he said his 95-year-old mother had just been admitted with breathing difficulties. The man was allowed to go see her at the hospital.

June 28

• A man found a bag of white substance in a shelter at Sunnybrook Park, and placed it in the garbage. Later, he spoke to an officer about it. The officer went to the garbage can, retrieved the bag, and field-tested the contents. The test showed it to be about five grams of methamphetamine.

June 29

• A caller reported there was a man in a neighboring apartment who shouldn't be there. The caller wanted to remain anonymous, and hung up on the officer. The caller then called back, and hung up on the officer again. The officer investigated, and found a man helping someone move, and he had an expired driver's license, but was otherwise OK to be helping.

• A caller told authorities there's a black motorcycle that comes through each day around the same time, traveling between 80-100 miles per hour.

June 30

• A man on Huntersville Road reported his home had been broken into and some guns, a Dell laptop computer, a DVD player and $300 cash was missing.

July 1

• Two men were outside an apartment smoking when they saw a passerby walking near the parking lot who picked up a large rock and threw it at a woman's car. When they yelled at the man, he responded, "Call the cops. [She] dumped my stuff." Police later learned that the woman who owned the car had a confrontation with the passerby earlier over drugs. She told police she found meth on him, and took the drugs and dumped them out on the street in front of him. Police found the rock that was thrown, but there was no discernible damage to the vehicle.

• A sheriff's deputy found a vehicle upside down in the ditch after an apparent rollover accident. No one was around at the scene. They tracked down the vehicle's owner, who said he had swerved to miss a large dog in the road and overcorrected. He said he had a few drinks but didn't think he was intoxicated, but also was taking medication he wasn't supposed to combine with alcohol. He also said he hadn't had insurance on his vehicle for about six months.

July 2

• A man reported someone had dumped a large amount of garbage at the end of his driveway. The bags contained several items identifying who did it. Authorities contacted the owner of the garbage and gave them that night to pick it up of they'd be cited for unlawfully dumping. The garbage was cleaned up.

• A deputy spoke with some girls who had pulled over on U.S. Highway 10 to get a picture with the Oink Joint Road sign. The deputy told them it was not a good idea because of the road construction there.

July 3

• A deputy saw a man driving who he had talked to earlier in the evening and wasn't supposed to be driving. The deputy spoke to the driver and went back to his squad car to get a breathalyzer. While there, the deputy heard the noise of something hitting the side of his car. He went around the side of the car and discovered the man had emptied his pockets of car keys, a metal pipe with marijuana residue and two baggies of marijuana. The driver admitted the items were his. He also failed the breathalyzer.

• A woman was pulled over for speeding. She said she was already late for work. It was a 55 mph zone and the driver thought she was doing about 80. When the deputy gave her a citation for 92/55, she laughed and thought that was funny.

July 4

• A hay baler was reported on fire. The fire was controlled and put out.

• A woman reported receiving a threatening phone call around 6:45 p.m. The caller had said, "I will kill you in 7 days, [expletive]" and hung up.

The Wadena Police Department also handled three bad check charges and two theft-by-swindle cases involving people not returning checked-out items to the library.

The preceding information was taken from Wadena Police Department and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs and incident reports.