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St. Ann's clearing out old section of school building

The first big step in bringing down the old section of St. Ann's Catholic School will commence Thursday, July 16, at 519 Second Street Southeast in Wadena with an auction sale.

The school will be selling old personal property and building interior fixtures, building fixtures, office and school supplies, collectibles and musical instruments among other items in the auction, which is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

The school was built in 1903 and a few years later it doubled in size. At one time the school had more than 400 students in grades K-8. The newer one-story section of the school, which presently has students in grades K-6, was opened in the 1950s according to business manager Barb Butler. It has an enrollment of 40 students in grades K-6.

Once the old section is clear, the asbestos in the school will be removed -- a lengthy and expensive process, according to Butler.

"Hopefully that will be done this winter and then we can go from there," Butler said.