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June 19

• A woman called police to report her car had been keyed by her boyfriend, who was upset because she wouldn't give him his Father's Day gift, a fishing rod, early. The man was located and he admitted he had keyed her car, but said it was because she had bitten him in a fight over cell phones. Police went back to the woman, who admitted she had bitten him during the fight.

June 20

• A 911 caller simply told police in a calm voice to "get an officer out there" and then hung up. Police responded and found out the call was made by someone who was required to take a bath, but didn't want to.

June 21

• A man called police to report he had been assaulted. He said he called a man who owed him money for video games, a scanner and some drugs. He said when he talked to the second man in person, that guy reached in his car and punched him in the side of the face, then left.

• A man called 911 and requested a "f---ing squad [car]" and then hung up. When police arrived, they saw a woman sitting on the steps of the residence, who went inside and a man came out. The man said he was tired of the woman's games. The officer found out the woman had warrants for her arrest, but by that time the woman had slipped out and left.

June 22

• A witness reported a Chevy Blazer was southbound on U.S. Highway 71, waiting to make a left turn onto County Road 100, when a Ford Taurus attempted to pass the Blazer, but veered to the left and went into the ditch, hitting a road sign. The driver of the Taurus sat for a bit and then left the scene. The witness followed the Taurus and got a plate number, which was used to send the registered owner a letter.

June 23

• A caller reported a likely scam in which the recipients were told in a letter they had won $2.2 million dollars, which they could claim after sending in a $20 "data fee."

June 24

• A man was cited for disorderly conduct after allegedly "grabbing [a woman's] buns" at a workplace and waiting outside in the parking lot for a different woman on three different occasions.

• A woman called police to report her grandson's cell phone stolen. But she called back later to tell police to forget it -- that the 12-year-old boy isn't responsible enough to have a phone.

June 26

• A business owner called to report that a trailer that had been reported stolen really wasn't. The trailer had been missing from the business lot, but was being used by a friend of the owners.

The Wadena Police Department also handled 20 reports of bad checks written to local businesses.