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June 3

• A caller reported he had driven through an alley and a man there asked him what he was looking at, and told the driver to "f--- off." The driver wanted to know if he could drive through the alley, and police told him the alley was public and it was OK. The driver wanted to know what he could do about the man cursing at him, and he was given details on how to apply for a restraining order.

June 12

• A caller reported the neighbor dog has been urinating on his rhubarb plants. The owner of the dog was contacted, and he promised to watch the dog more closely.

• An officer saw a man walking across a parking lot who disappeared behind a duplex. When the officer circled around, he couldn't locate the man. The suspect was eventually found lying in the grass near the duplex. The suspect had been drinking, which violated his probation, and was given a breath test. The test registered .23 blood alcohol content.

• While directing traffic around an accident involving a semi, police spoke to the driver of the vehicle, and learned he has a warrant out of Pennington County. He was arrested. The man had ID cards from Minnesota and Texas, and a driver's license from North Dakota, all bearing different addresses but his own name.

June 15

• A caller reported seeing a purplish-colored Ford Explorer occupied by a couple in their 40s stop and dump a dog out of the car and speed off. The dog is an older, mixed-breed which was described as very friendly.

June 17

• Police were called to help deal with a family dispute. One brother had told the other brother that he is spoiled. Also during a dinner conversation, one of the brothers was upset over things said to his wife. When the two made contact in Wadena, the first brother walked right past the police officer and squad car that was placed between him and his brother, and only listened to the police officer after he threatened to use his Taser to get the man to calm down. The officer said the family dispute wasn't settled, but any problems were averted for that day.

• A caller reported her kids were in the back yard playing when two people on motorized carts stopped and tried to get the kids to go with them. The kids were scared from the incident. The man who talked to the kids was contacted, and he said he thought the kids were his grandkids visiting from another state, and it was a case of mistaken identity.

• A woman reported finding a four-month-old puppy in a Dumpster behind some apartments. The puppy was in poor condition, and the Humane Society hoped the person responsible could be identified.

• A man reported his 14-foot Star Craft boat and Highlander boat trailer were stolen. The boat is gray and the trailer is black, and they had Illinois tags. They were last seen around 5 p.m. on June 17.

June 18

• Around 2:20 p.m., a local grocer called police to report a shoplifter. The woman allegedly open and consumed a bottle of flavored milk while in the store, eventually hiding the empty bottle in the pet supplies section. When she was confronted, she allegedly also had gum in her possession she hadn't paid for. She told the investigator that she was hungry, and that's why she took the items. The woman was arrested for shoplifting.

• A woman reported she had asked a man and his teenage son to leave the basement apartment she rents. She said the son threatened to burn the whole house down.

June 19

• A man reported two of his boats stolen. One is a Larson boat with a rebuilt motor. The other is a tri-hull boat. The owner suspected the boats were stolen about a month before by a one-eyed man.

• A man called to report his mother had fallen down into some construction items in their home. He said he didn't dare move her because he was afraid of doing more harm. He said the woman was awake but unresponsive. Wadena County authorities responded.

June 20

• A man called to report his wife and child were on the four-wheeler when the neighbor dog started chasing them and then bit the child. He said he had shot the dog.

June 21

• Deputies were called to a report of a fight behind a bar in Nimrod, with lots of yelling and screaming going on. It turned out there was no fight, just two people wrestling behind the bar.

The preceding information was gleaned from incident and call reports of the Wadena Police Department and Wadena County Sheriff's Office.