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Friends of the flag

A little flag was the perfect size for little patriot Lea Hartjen to wave during the Flag Day service Sunday.1 / 13
Jeff Lausten, right, and Ryan McQuiston arrange the flags for the history of the flag presentation at the Elks' annual Flag Day service.2 / 13
Rick Youngbauer, left, and Dan Sartell join in with the crowd to express their patriotism through song.3 / 13
Elks members Paul Lorentz Jr., left, and Ryan McQuiston lead the service.4 / 13
A scout carries an historic flag.5 / 13
Sebeka Boy Scout Jordan Miller carries a flag through the crowd.6 / 13
Jordan Miller carries a flag during the Flag Day ceremony Sunday afternoon at the Wadena Elks Lodge.7 / 13
The audience holds their hands over their hearts to honor the flag.8 / 13
Sebeka Cub Scout Brandon Miller salutes during the service.9 / 13
Kevin Jones salutes in honor of the flag.10 / 13
Cecelia Lausten, right, kisses the flag as she watches the Flag Day service with her mother, Shannon.11 / 13
Mariah Burleson shyly waves her flag next to her mom, Jennifer, after Mayor Wayne Wolden acknowledged her visit from Alaska.12 / 13
Kevin Jones rides a scooter he adorned with flags after the Flag Day service at the Wadena Elks Lodge Sunday.13 / 13