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Police Scanner

June 5

• The owner of a Wadena business reported a person had come in and requested to get some merchandise for free, then became quite upset when she was told that was not possible. The owner of the business planned to notify the woman she was no longer welcome at the store.

• A Wadena business had a man in their office for suspicion of shoplifting, and he was acting like he was high on drugs. The man had been observed shoving items in his clothing, but ditched some of those items when a store employee followed him. The store employee had taken a headlight bulb and a pair of batting gloves as evidence. When an officer spoke to the man, he was using a lot of vulgar language and was fidgeting and couldn't sit still. The man was searched for weapons, and a box cutter was found. He was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

June 6

• Around 1 a.m., police were called to a possible fight in the driveway of a residence. During the investigation, officers were given permission to search the home and found a closet with aluminum foil lining the walls, a light hanging down on two planters with potting soil, but nothing coming through the soil. An officer photographed the scene for evidence. Meanwhile, a man at the residence was arrested by a sheriff's deputy for being a predatory offender and failing to notify the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension of his change of address.

June 7

• A Wadena woman reported her home had two windows broken and two screens cut, and suspected an acquaintance of burglary.

• A complainant reported someone broke into her home by breaking a window so he could sleep on her couch.

June 8

• A Wadena officer assisted when a 28-year-old woman collapsed. The woman was breathing, but not conscious. An ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital.

June 9

• A Wadena woman reported the theft of two bicycles and a pot-bellied pig. The 5-month-old pig is black with a white spot on its nose. The officer informed the woman its not legal to have a swine as a pet within city limits.

• A man had a seizure after drinking a liter of vodka and having very low blood sugar. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

• A manager of a business reported the theft of petty cash funds, likely by an employee. The manager spoke with a security expert and formulated a plan to catch the employee.

• Deputies responded to a medical call of a man on the side of the road who was bleeding. The man was incoherent and his pants were torn up. The victim said he had been beaten up and was bleeding to death. He was taken for treatment.

June 10

• A Wadena police officer responded when a man reported a St. Bernard-Chow Chow mix dog had chased him. When the officer pulled up, the dog raced over to the squad car and was aggressively barking at the officer. The officer attempted to distract the dog when a group of kids came by on bicycles and some elderly women walked by. The owner was eventually contacted and the dog was brought inside, but the police department sent the owner a letter classifying the dog as a potentially dangerous dog.

• A woman reported she was bitten by her neighbor's dog, piercing her skin and drawing blood. The dog was quarantined for 10 days.

• Police assisted the hospital with an unruly patient. The woman had been brought in for a cut on her hand, but was uncooperative and intoxicated. She had a blood alcohol level of .287. She was also talking to herself and people who weren't there. She was taken to detox.

• A man called Wadena County Dispatch to report a woman at the residence had cut herself with something, possibly a knife. When the dispatcher asked the man who he was, he said it wasn't pertinent, and then he started arguing with other people at the location about calling the cops.

June 11

• A caller wanted to report she feared a Wadena County man was about to be the victim of a scam. She said he had told people he was about to inherit $32 million from a deceased uncle's will, but he needed to send in $8,000 to collect the money, and was trying to borrow the $8,000. The man was contacted, and he said what was going on was personal, and didn't want to talk to authorities about it. He said the money he needed was for an attorney, and it was no one else's business.

June 12

• A domestic disturbance was reported on U.S. Highway 71, with a male lying in the road, and a female who was trying to drag him off the road. The deputy who responded was unable to locate the couple.

This information is from call logs and incident reports from the Wadena Police Department and Wadena County Sheriff's Department.