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May 28

• A woman was inside a local grocery store, hollering and screaming at people there. She then apparently went to a convenience store and started hollering at people there. The caller who reported it said the woman was acting very strange, and making no sense at all. The woman was contacted by police at the convenience store, and she said she was upset because the amount of her state assistance was off in her opinion, and she had receipts from the store to prove it. The officer reported that the woman was flailing her arms and was very animated as she spoke. The officer told her the issue wouldn't be resolved that night. It was after 10 p.m.

• A woman reported possibly fraudulent transactions involving her credit card. She had ordered a weight-loss product with the understanding that it was a two-week trial, and she only paid shipping and handling. However, a string of transactions had suddenly appeared on her card, both from the original company and now a new one. The total charges had mounted to $175.67.

May 29

• A woman reported her 12-year-old daughter had been hit by a car in the alley while she rode her bike. The girl told the vehicle's two occupants she was OK, but she suffered scratches on her knee and her mother wanted to report it.

May 30

• A Wadena officer assisted with a boat that had come off its trailer on the highway. The boat had come off because the safety chains hadn't been attached. City police, state patrol troopers, Wadena County Sheriff's Office deputies and passing motorists helped in getting the boat back on the trailer and the safety chain attached.

May 31

• A man reported that two men were on the sidewalk as he passed by in his car, and one of the men had dropped his shorts and mooned him as the other man laughed. The officer talked to some people who were having a party nearby, but they said none of them were wearing shorts, so they didn't know who had done it.

June 1

• A man was stopped after causing his exhaust to backfire on his new car. He had just bought the car two days ago, he explained to the officer who pulled him over, and the dealer had put on an after-market exhaust. He was asked for proof of insurance, and he said he didn't have any with him, but said he had been pulled over by Park Rapids police and they had called his mom to get the insurance information. The Wadena officer told the man he was old enough that the officer shouldn't have to call his mother.

• The sheriff's office responded to a call of 3-4 power lines down on the ground. A semi truck had taken out the lines earlier in the afternoon.

• A woman wanted a deputy to speak to a man who drives an older red Camaro through Bluegrass at about 80 miles per hour. She said she has yelled at him before and told him to slow down or he'll hit a child someday.

June 2

• A man called police to report his vehicle stolen. He said he had recently completed a transaction for the vehicle without a purchase agreement, but the previous owner who sold him the car had come and repossessed it. He said the previous owner had never transferred title to him, and had now transferred the title to a third man. Police advised the complainant that the car was a civil matter, but also reminded him he had active warrants out for him, and took him into custody.

• A caller said he was looking outside and said a moving vehicle had struck his parked vehicle in the street. The female driver's sons told police she was foaming at the mouth, and was unresponsive. Police checked her out before the ambulance arrived, and she would look at them but wouldn't respond. The officer said once the ambulance crew arrived, she would respond to them. The officer said no injuries appeared to be because of the crash due to the low speed involved, but the woman may have been having some sort of medical issue. Only minor damage was reported to the two vehicles.

June 3

• A manager of a local business reported a man was walking around the store with a semi-automatic pistol tucked in his waistband. The management, in the presence of police, told the man he was welcome to shop there, but had to leave his pistol in the car. The man said there was no sign telling him that, so he didn't need to comply. The officer talked to the man outside and told him he was scaring other people by showing his gun as he walked around. The man was cooperative while speaking with the officer.

• A Wadena business reported the theft of dozens of tools and other items from work trucks on their yard. Representatives of the business believed someone arrived between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. and used a piece of lumber to bust out the rear window of the work truck and take many items, including wrenches, screw drivers, an impact drill, batteries and saws. Photographs were taken of footprints at the scene, and police are investigating.

June 4

• Two two-way radios were reported stolen from a Wadena building. They are valued at around $65 for the set.

• A woman reported her husband woke up and discovered their patio door open about a foot, and a checkbook, ID, credit cards and $50 cash was missing from their home.

• A small fire was reported on Second Street Southeast in Wadena. The homeowner had put the fire mostly out with a garden hose, but it had already burned a corner of a wooden deck and two flower pots. There was still some smoke coming from the stucco, but that was also extinguished.

June 5

• A man reported his vehicle had been vandalized while he went to a movie. Police photographed what appeared to be strikes with a baseball bat to the vehicle. Damage was estimated at around $1,500.

June 6

• A caller reported that there had been a small fire in the basement of a residence on 243rd Avenue. Everyone had gotten out OK, but there was a lot of smoke, the caller said.