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Jackson, Minn., man charged with brandishing knife at Nimrod bar

A 21-year-old from Jackson, Minn., faces two charges in Wadena County District Court after allegedly showing a knife and threatening bar patrons in Nimrod May 24.

Zachary Robert Davis was charged May 27 with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and terroristic threats. The Wadena County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to J&J Bar on a report of an assault with a knife, court documents said. When authorities questioned Davis, they patted him down and found a pocket knife with a 3-inch blade.

Court documents contain witness statements saying Davis had tried to dance with one of the girls in a large party of people at the bar, but the girls weren't interested in meeting any men and just wanted to be out with their friends. When one of the men in the group of people told Davis he should leave them alone, Davis became angry and said he would stab the man in the neck. Davis allegedly tried to get the man to come outside and fight him.

When the party left the bar, Davis followed them to their vehicle and flashed a knife, court documents said. The witnesses said Davis held the knife up next to his face and threatened the people in the vehicle.

When he was interviewed later by authorities he told them he knew he had too much to drink the night before and had screwed up, but he told them he never pulled the knife out of his pocket.

Davis's first appearance in the case was set for June 9.