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WDC class of 2021 waves goodbye to kindergarten

Teagan Roberts marches across the stage with her diploma.1 / 13
Mikayla St. Marie lifts her diploma.2 / 13
Rylan Hay shows his diploma as Aidan Vry shows a glimpse of weariness at the end of the kindergarten graduation last Thursday night.3 / 13
Emma Bushinger, left, Kiersten Vogt, and Hailey Peterson wink and clap as diplomas were handed out.4 / 13
Kindergartners sing "It's Time to Say Goodbye."5 / 13
Austin Swenson adjusts his paper mortarboard.6 / 13
Alex Lunde, Cooper Reed and Emma Mehl take a break from pondering their academic achievements to examine the soles of their shoes.7 / 13
Kiersten Vogt exchanges a "low five" with a classmate during "Hello, Hi There."8 / 13
Preston Butler admires the rapid moves of classmates as they "Lettercise."9 / 13
Joslynn Judd dances to "Tooty Ta".10 / 13
Suleen Maii, left, Gage Polman, Chloe Patch and Rylan Hay make faces as they sing "Tooty Ta."11 / 13
Mona'e Payton waves hello to her family in Memorial Auditorium as she waves goodbye to kindergarten.12 / 13
Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary Principal Louie Rutten awards Gage Polman his kindergarten diploma last Thursday night.13 / 13