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Police Scanner

May 22

• Wadena police assisted another jurisdiction after a report that someone was passing liquor to minors. The other jurisdiction's officer had a man in custody who he had already Tased. The Wadena officer questioned the man, who said he needed medical attention because when he had been Tased, one of the probes had stuck in his reproductive organ. Police asked the man if the probe had lodged in his private parts, and he said that it had. Police attempted to coax the man out of the squad car to be checked out, but he refused, saying he feared he'd get Tased again if he got out. Finally the man came out of the car, and the officer observed one spot on his back where one probe had stuck, and another spot in the same area where it looked like the Taser probe had hit but did not stick. An ambulance arrived soon thereafter and the man was taken to the hospital.

May 24

• An Officer was dispatched to a residence in Wadena when a man there was burning some carpet. The man was informed of the city burning ordinance and said he would stop.

May 26

• A corrections officer notified local police that an arrest warrant had been issued for a man who was in her office. Police verified the warrant out of Todd County for criminal vehicular homicide and took the man into custody.

• A man informed police of a possible fraud case involving a boat motor he purchased over the Internet. He had bought the item for $7,425 and had not received it as promised. After contacting the company involved, the local man learned that business is now bankrupt. The man had used online payment provider PayPal, which had ruled in his favor in a dispute in the case, but hadn't returned his money.

May 27

• The Wadena County Sentence to Service van was reported vandalized. The back window was broken out and the inside of the vehicle was ransacked. A crowbar was found lying next to the van, and there was a fresh footprint in the sand behind the van. Nothing appeared to be missing.

• A man who was playing pool at a local bar was found to have active warrants. Police went to the bar and took him into custody.

May 28

• Police received a tip that two people in a Wadena apartment might be doing drugs. When police arrived in the parking lot, the officers noticed the lights in the apartment turn off. They rang the door buzzer and knocked on the door, but no one came to let them in. They went to the front window and made contact with the female occupant after noticing the TV was still on. She let police into the apartment, where they smelled marijuana. One officer found remnants of marijuana buds that were disposed of. Police also located the man, who was hiding in the shower tub, sitting on a chair inside the tub with the shower curtain closed. The man had two warrants for his arrest, and was taken into custody.

• Sheriff's deputies received a report that a female driver of a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road and assaulted a juvenile male.

• The sheriff's office pulled over a man on a traffic stop who had four warrants, and the man also admitted to possessing a small amount of marijuana in a heart-shaped tin. Two of the counties who had warrants on the man said they didn't want to take him into their custody, and the other two didn't return phone calls in reference to their warrants.

May 29

• A Wadena man called police on a woman who was staying with him and sleeping on his couch after the woman, who was apparently intoxicated, wouldn't stop "ranting and raving" about some money missing from her state-issued debit card. The man had told the woman nothing could be done about the problem at that time (it was nearly 1 a.m.) When police arrived, the woman began packing all of her belongings, which included several bags and two pieces of thawed chicken from the refrigerator. She continued to argue with the man and officers, and was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct, and tested with a blood alcohol content of .148. All her possessions were turned over to the jail staff.

The preceding reports were compiled from call files of the Wadena Police Department and the Wadena County Sheriff's Department.